Ang Mo Kio Court 3 Gen BTO Interior Design Concept: Multi-Generational Harmony

Ang Mo Kio Court 3 Gen BTO Interior Design Concept: Multi-Generational Harmony

Multi-generational homes like the 3Gen BTO flats at Ang Mo Kio Court provide so many financial and societal benefits to the inhabitants. At the same time, living with your parents and your children is going to involve numerous considerations that focus on ensuring everybody’s comfort.

You have to choose décor, furniture and safety features that are both children and senior-friendly. You are also likely to need multi-purpose spaces that can adapt to the needs of different flat inhabitants.

Flexible designs can be notoriously challenging to carry out if you lack professional home interior design experience and an eye for detail. In the quest to give you some inspiration and ideas (based on our know-how), we have put together an Ang Mo Kio Court 3Gen BTO flat visualisation.

The design we envisioned puts emphasis on comfort and boosting the functional appeal of every single part of the apartment. with colours, décor and furniture that come together beautifully.

Ang Mo Kio Court 3 Gen HDB BTO Flat Floor Plan

Three Generations Under One Roof – What Does Comfort Look Like?

When multiple generations cohabitate, a flat’s design could become a terrible hodgepodge of things if not planned correctly. This is why we believe it is very important to choose one central theme and stick with it. While some variety can be introduced in each individual room, these should still look like a part of a whole.

The central theme we picked for the Ang Mo Kio Court 3Gen BTO flat is unpretentious modern comfort. And while you’ll notice some distinct solutions for each room in the pictures below, the cohesiveness of the execution is still evident.

Let us start with the 3Gen living room – the place that brings the entire family together in the end of a busy day.

ang mo kio court BTO 3gen interior design living room

Two functional areas have been created – a media area and a relaxation area. These open up into the dining room, making the atmosphere more spacious and bright. The movie watching area is quite simple and the sofa we picked for it is thick and comfortable. Natural tones, grey and white work together to give the interior a casual feel. Art pieces and plants provide spots of brighter colour and a lot of cheeriness.

ang mo kio court BTO 3gen interior design dining room

We’re particularly proud of the way the dining area turned out. The chairs and the table have once again been chosen for comfort. A large mirrored panel behind the table reflects light and it also creates the illusion of much more space than what is actually available.

ang mo kio court BTO 3gen interior design common bathroom

Moving on to the flat’s common bath. It’s also on the smaller side, which is why we refrained from utilising solid partitions. The shower cabin has glass walls, preventing the space from looking cramped. We also chose tiles that imitate natural stone and a wooden cabinet to bring the natural elements in this part of the flat, as well.

Our work on the master bedroom brings together simplicity and comfort.

ang mo kio court BTO 3gen interior design master bedroom

The bed and the closet are the two most dominant elements but they still leave a lot of space. We have also utilised the large window by placing the bed directly besides it. This way, a person relaxing in their little private boudoir can also enjoy the beauty of the urban landscape and the lush greenery of the area.

ang mo kio court BTO 3gen interior design master bathroom

A spacious master bathroom was designed for a luxurious, pampering experience. We chose warmer tones and modernistic fixtures to give the master bathroom a distinctive vibe. Glass panelling is once again utilised to optimise the space while preventing the splashing of water.

ang mo kio court BTO 3gen interior design master bedroom 2

The second master bedroom is executed in darker tones, which make it sleek and very sophisticated. Again, we featured the biggest essentials to make the inhabitants feel comfortable without creating clutter.

ang mo kio court BTO 3gen interior design second bedroom

The final bedroom in the flat is a perfect choice for children. Our design takes into account the needs of younger individuals. This is why two functional areas have been created – a relaxation and a study zone.

A streamlined, wall-mounted desk in the study area is big enough to sit two people. It is also positioned by the window, ensuring enough light and a good atmosphere for concentration and creative work. The storage units in this area are unobtrusive, painted in almost the exact same shade as the walls. Obviously, the choice has been made to help the cabinetry blend and make the room look bigger.

Planning for Your Future Home Can Start Now

Our 3Gen flat visualisation is just one of the directions you can go in, if you like the concept and the style. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to share your distinct idea. Based on your family’s preferences and the interior design concept you feel most comfortable with, we will come up with another 3D visualisation.

Getting professionals involved in your home renovation doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour. Home Guide’s is both an interior design company and home renovation contractor  that gives you the opportunity to schedule a no-obligations first consultation for free. If you like our communication style, experience, home interior design and renovation portfolio and suggestions, we can move on towards the execution together.

Please contact us now to have a chat about the possibilities for your future home. Don’t forget to check out our promotional packages – products that we have created especially for home owners interested in quality and cost-efficiency at the same time.

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