Ang Mo Kio Court 5 Room BTO Flat: Modern Chic Interior Design Concept

Ang Mo Kio Court 5 Room BTO Flat: Modern Chic Interior Design Concept

Every single family member has their own opinion about the new 5-room BTO Ang Mo Kio Court flat you’re going to live in. Bringing all these visions together while still maintaining stylistic integrity is far from an easy task.

Creating the perfect home for a larger family can be very demanding. You have to think about comfort, ease of maintenance, aesthetics and meeting everybody’s individual needs. In the absence of professional knowledge, bringing all these elements together is nearly impossible.

If you’re feeling stuck, A home interior design and renovation company like Home Guide has an idea for you. We have worked on the visualisation of an Ang Mo Kio Court 5-room BTO flat project. Following the latest interior design trends and considering the way larger families live, we’ve managed to put together a vision that’s balanced, beautiful and fun.

A Fully-Realised Residential Dream: The Home Guide Vision

With a bit of imagination and a lot of experience, we’ve managed to depict a vision of harmonious family living in this Ang Mo Kio Court 5-room flat.

We created two functional zones to separate the movie watching area from the dining area.

A couple of decorative accents were chosen to make the décor more interesting and youthful. The dining chairs are the ones that draw the eye immediately but the chandelier is equally modernistic (even a bit futuristic?). For comfort, we scattered around a few colourful throw pillows and a shaggy rug under the coffee table.

Speaking of which, check out the clever design! The coffee table comes with a little storage compartment that’s perfect for putting away board games, magazines, remote controls or anything else you fancy.

The kitchen is spacious and well-organised. Natural wood dominates the design concept, creating a lot of warmth. We kept everything else minimalist, clean and calm. Not only do the shiny and clean surfaces simplify cleaning, they also reflect light and make the kitchen look even bigger.

Ang Mo Kio Court’s five-room flats come with a common bath that we executed in natural tones, as well. The tiles create a very accurate wood imitation. This way, the concept from the living room and the other spaces can be extended to the bathroom, as well – something that isn’t easy to do.

We kept the shower cabin transparent to maintain the size of the bathroom and to also have some partition keeping water inside.

It’s now time to move on to the three bedrooms of the flat, starting with the master bedroom.

Our idea was to keep the design simple and focus on the beauty of the urban landscape. The large, comfortable bed is positioned right by the window. Not only does the layout optimise the use of natural light, it also gives the person relaxing on the bed a breath-taking view of the nearby residential area.

A streamlined television set and a couple of art pieces complete the master bedroom décor.

The second bedroom in the flat has an interior that has been designed to exude a lively, creative energy, creating a visual contrast from the more sophisticated master bedroom.

A raised bed platform separates the relaxation spot from the study area. We choose a minimalist desk and chair design to offer convenience without turning to bulky furniture for the purpose. A little bit of storage space is incorporated just about everywhere – in the platform itself, behind the bed and above the desk. We believe that seeking out such clever ways to add more storage space in a small room gives the inhabitant all the convenience they need.

This room has been designed to create a space conducive for both fun and creative activities as well as rest.

The third bedroom is executed in a calmer and warmer colour scheme.  This bedroom is equipped with a compact study area. Whether occupied by a child or a young adult, the bedroom provides everything a single person would need to relax, do a bit of work or enjoy a favourite activity in privacy.

A Beautiful, Modern Home Designed Just for You – Let Us Help!

We believe in our vision for the five-room Ang Mo Kio Court flat. It is clean, functional and it also brings together a couple of stunning décor pieces that break up the otherwise classic appeal of the execution.

This is exactly what your new BTO flat can look like if you enjoy the vision.

Alternatively, we can come up with a tailored project that’s reflective of your style and the way you prefer to live.

Don’t hesitate about seeking some professional guidance. We offer a free first consultation, during which your ideas can be discussed and implemented. We will come up with a customised 3D visualisation that will guide project execution later on.

At Home Guide, we do our best to give our clients an excellent price to quality ratio with our HDB BTO renovation service. This is why we’ve developed several promo packages – don’t hesitate to explore and find out what’s included.

Contact us today if you want to start planning your home renovation now. We’re ready to take on the challenge!

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