Barbiecore Interior Design: Super Fun or Too Much?

Barbiecore Interior Design: Super Fun or Too Much?

Barbiecore interior design came to the spotlight in 2022 and the trend’s still going strong despite being called “too much” by some experts. And too much it definitely is. That’s precisely what draws some people to barbiecore interior design and turns them into dedicated fans for life.

The name has probably given you an idea about this interior design style but what’s the essence of barbiecore? Answering this question will help you decide for yourself whether to embrace the trend or cancel it completely.

What’s Barbiecore Interior Design

Inspired by the world’s most famous doll, barbiecore interior design is a part of a brand new obsession with Barbie. Numerous stores and brands have taken on the Barbie aesthetic, adding it to their collections or creating specialised pieces.

Candy-coloured and super cute, barbiecore interior design is an essential element in that cultural phenomenon. Various designers have embraced the real dollhouse aesthetic that barbiecore brings to the picture.

Barbiecore interior design is whimsical, a bit naïve and filled with sugar. It’s very pink and very playful in a girly kind of way. Because of its nature, barbiecore is definitely not a good choice for those who love everything neutral. Rather, it will be embraced by people who want to make a statement and who are even considered a little bit eccentric.

While it may seem like something too kitschy and out there, barbiecore is shaking things up in the interior design world for a reason.

Why Is Barbiecore Trending?

A few developments play a role in the current popularity of barbiecore interior design.

This type of interior design creates a dream, taking you back to your childhood. It’s reminiscent of days when most people were feeling free, happy and excited about life. Essentially, barbiecore is about a lot more than just a doll. It makes a statement in a world that’s riddled with so many troublesome developments. Barbiecore creates an escape that’s fun and sweet, the kind of escape that many busy and stressed out people need.

We’ve talked a lot about the power of interior design to affect mood and mental health. That’s the reason why barbiecore is here to stay, even if most people can’t really understand or approve this aesthetic.

It’s also important to point out that barbiecore can have degrees and nuances. Some people will embrace the all-pink concept. Others will choose pastel tones that are candy-coloured and that create a similar fantasy world without being in your face. While it may seem initially that no variations and personal interpretations are possible with barbiecore, this isn’t really the case.

How to do Barbiecore?

Do you feel kind of intrigued by this home décor idea? If so, consider adapting barbiecore to your lifestyle and the specifics of your flat.

You don’t have to go all in to enjoy a bit of Barbie positivism. The simplest way to test out the concept includes the selection of one big, prominent décor item that corresponds to the aesthetic.

For example, you can have a bright pink sofa in an otherwise neutral living room. Or if your sofa spots a more “normal” colour, choose fuchsia pillows to have a much-needed accent piece that will never go unnoticed.

You can also work with different shades of pink. Bubble gum pink, neons, darker tones (think of raspberries) and even pinks that border on yellowish and orange tones are a good choice. If you look for shades of pink online, you’ll be surprised by the amazing variety that the colour brags. From champagne pink to orchid pink, you definitely have a lot to work with.

And if going big isn’t your thing, choose small details. These can still make an impact if you’re strategic about the selection and its placement.

To have a up the stylishness, opt for natural materials like dark wood and natural stone. A pink trim on the coffee table will be playful enough to contrast the rest of the contemporary neutrality without appearing aggressive or tacky.

We have one final tip for you – when in doubt, talk to the experts. With an experienced home interior designer in Singapore with a good residential interior design portfolio barbiecore stylish and tailored to address your needs. Home Guide’s team will love working on such an assignment – a challenge that’s fun and filled with potential at the same time. Contact Home Guide now and let’s begin work on your dream home together.

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