Beautiful Mirror Placement – What Interior Designers Want You to Know

Beautiful Mirror Placement – What Interior Designers Want You to Know

Mirrors – so simple, yet so effective! Strategic mirror placement can open up a room, create the illusion of more space and maximise the amount of natural light. Needless to say, the style of the mirror and the frame will also contribute to cohesiveness in your home interior design.

So, how do you place a mirror? Don’t you just hang it on a wall in a spot that’s convenient? That’s one way to look at it. Interior design professionals have a few additional tips that can help you make the most of the mirrors in your home.

Consider Room Size and Layout

Creating a space that is harmonious is all about balance. That’s why the first thing you need to do before hanging a mirror is check the layout of the room.

Interior designers follow a simple rule when it comes to mirror type selection and placement.

When placing a mirror in a tall room, choose a vertical mirror. It will deliver a bit of elongation and also match the scale of the walls. A squashed, horizontal mirror is going to look out of proportion in such a room.

If walls are longer and not that tall, go for a horizontal placement. A vertical mirror, especially if it’s too tall, is going to dwarf the space and look completely out of balance there.

Obviously, there can be some exceptions to the rule. After all, some of the brightest interior design ideas are born by breaking the rules. To make it work, follow your instincts and trust your gut. It’s also a good idea to consult your interior designer on your idea and whether it’s feasible.

Maximise Light with Mirrors

We all know that the function of mirrors is to reflect. This means they can be used to view your image and they can also reflect light. That second characteristic can be very, very beneficial in the realm of interior design.

Many Singaporean flats suffer from the lack of natural light in many parts of the space. Luckily, light can be brought to those areas and mirrors provide a very effective opportunity.

Hanging a mirror in the exact spot where sun shines can amplify the natural light. Through a couple of additional mirrors, that light can be reflected to a different part of the flat. It’s all about physics and making a few calculations. And even if that’s not your strong suit, experiment with slight position changes during different times of the way to discover the setup that results in maximum natural light reflection through the flat.

With a mirror, you can also maximise artificial light for a brighter, more cheerful home.

The easiest way to accomplish that goal is to place a mirror close to a standing lamp or across from a fixture. Even a desk light can be used this way. You’ll get lots and lots of light that’s not harsh and glaring by choosing exactly which bulb’s emission you’re going to be reflecting.

Mirrored Furniture

A wall-mounted mirror isn’t your only choice as far as interior design is concerned.

Mirrored furniture can create interesting accents in the living room, bedroom and even kitchen.

The thing you need to understand about mirrored furniture is that less is more. If you overdo it, the project can easily enter the realm of kitschy and tacky.

Positioning is also important. What is your mirrored furniture going to reflect? That visual will impact the appearance of your accent piece, which is why you can’t just go for a random location.

A mirrored piece of furniture, for example, can be placed across from wall art. This way, the art piece will get a more prominent display and its colour scheme will be intensified. Such a choice creates both cohesiveness and a focal point in the respective room.

Mirrors as Artwork

Unless a mirror is being hung for you to merely check your reflection before leaving home in the morning, you should pay lots of attention to its aesthetics.

That means both the type of mirror and the frame. These two elements can work together to turn an actual functional accessory into a work of art.

Having several ornate mirrors hanging on the living room wall will quickly transform those into an artistic installation. You can choose one oversized, heavily elaborate frame. The others could be smaller and playing a supportive role. Mixing and matching different styles is also possible to give the pieces an eclectic look.

And if you want to, you can take that idea to the next level. Coloured mirrors create an instant focal point. They don’t even need a frame in order to make a statement. Mirrored tiles are versatile and fun. You can use them to create an abstract shape on the wall and they can be used in just about every room.

These simple rules will make your mirror placements stellar and professional in appearance. But if you want an extra element of sophistication, contact Home Guide. We always deliver personalised solutions that match both the space and the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

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