Best Area Rug Trends, According to the Design Experts

Best Area Rug Trends, According to the Design Experts

Creating a focal point in the living room, the bedroom or a kid’s room is easy with an area rug. It unifies an interior design idea, ties elements together and draws attention to the part of the space where it is placed.

Area rugs come in different shapes, they can be made of various materials and they’ll also brag different colours/patterns. Choosing the right one depends on a few things. Should it be colourful and visually striking? Should you choose a simpler one, using it as a way to highlight more ornate pieces?

Both approaches can work but you have to pay attention to the big picture. An area rug doesn’t work on its own – it creates a zone alongside furniture pieces and other decorative elements.

This being said, several area rug trends work really well in numerous flats. If you’re seeking expert recommendations and intriguing concepts to bring to your home, you’ll find several suggestions in the following guide.

Authentic Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are an absolute treasure. If you ever come across one, do cherish its authenticity and stunning design.

Vintage rugs can be executed in Persian style, they can be art deco, art nouveau, Indian, Turkish, Aubusson rugs, Moroccan, kilim rugs, Ottoman embroidery rugs and so many others.

Recognising an authentic vintage rug isn’t easy. The intricate Persian rug is so popular and sought-after that it will often be counterfeited. Generally speaking, authentic vintage rugs are made by hand and they look very different from machine-manufactured carpets. If you don’t know how to judge authenticity, you may want to leave the task of vintage rug selection to an interior designer.

Alternatively, if authenticity isn’t that important, choose a vintage rug that you simply like. The quality of the decorative patterns and the colours should simply be a good match to the rest of the interior that the rug will be added to.

Environmentally-Friendly Area Rugs

Sustainability has been in vogue for some time now. It can be evident in various home décor elements, including the area rug.

A sustainable rug is a good choice for a green home. Environmentally-friendly materials and techniques aren’t just good for nature, they can also benefit the inhabitants of a flat. The absence of harsh chemicals and synthetic colourants is a good thing. Especially if you have kids or you’re suffering from conditions like respiratory diseases.

Plant-based rugs made of jute, sisal, linen and even sea grass are all excellent and very durable sustainable choices. Opt for rugs dyed with natural colours.

Such rugs come in many shapes and sizes. They also have different thickness and textures. As an added benefit, you’ll get an item that’s completely biodegradable and that has a very low carbon footprint.

Textured Area Rugs

Just like colour and pattern, texture can make a statement in the world of interior design.

A fluffy, shaggy texture is comforting. The texture of suede and velvet, on the other hand, invokes feelings of luxury and sophistication.

Textured area rugs create a large tactile surface and also deliver a bit of visual interest. This is especially important in a minimalist interior designed home dominated by smooth and clean surfaces. Minimalist doesn’t have to be sterile. You can still feature some cosiness in the right elements and an area rug provides an ideal opportunity.

Animal hides and faux-hides give you the perfect example of a textured area rug that will never go unnoticed. The same applies to wool, fur, faux fur, silk (a very high maintenance material, be careful with such choices!) and plush.

Rug Layering

Who says you should be counting on one area rug when you could be featuring a couple of those in the same spot?

Rug layering is a next-level approach that results in unparalleled visual interest.

To make layering work, you have to pay attention to size, scale, material and colour compatibility. It’s a lot to pay attention to. If you don’t have a keen eye for detail, however, you could end up with an absolute mess.

Flatweave rugs, for example, are ideal for layering. They’re tightly woven and very often –reversible. A flatweave rug can be executed in many colours – from bright to subdued. Thus, featuring a neutral and a saturated flatweave rug on top of each other will give you a visual that works well.

If you want to try layering for a more dramatic effect but you don’t know what you’re doing, get the professionals to help you out. An interior designer knows exactly what it takes to make two seemingly different pieces to work together harmoniously.

Contemporary Area Rugs

If vintage isn’t your thing, opt for modern.

Contemporary area rugs are usually more functional, streamlined and cleaner.

They offer comfort without being very noticeable. Because of these qualities, a contemporary area rug is ideal to use with standout pieces of furniture and décor.

Contemporary is a general term and you’ll find a wide range of options under the umbrella. While neutral and muted colours dominate, they aren’t the only choices.

Area rugs can be a lot of fun to play with, especially if most of your home features hard flooring materials. Contact Home Guide to explore the power of these pieces and seek overall assistance in bringing a very specific interior design concept to life.

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