Best Interior Design Ideas to Help You Eliminate Allergens from Your Home

Best Interior Design Ideas to Help You Eliminate Allergens from Your Home

Allergies are on the rise worldwide, studies show, and Singapore isn’t an exception from the trend. Global warming and living in overly-clean and sanitised environments both contribute to such developments, researchers believe.

As per the latest data, over 13 per cent of people in Singapore suffer from hay fever. Dust mite allergies are also very common –  nearly 80 per cent of allergic episodes are attributed to those. Asthma patients are even more sensitive – 85 per cent of them are also allergic to dust mites.

Even if you’re not an suffering from any allergies, you may still worry about exposure that may develop into allergies in the future. Protecting young children and the elderly from allergens is a very good idea. Luckily, you can accomplish the goal through the power of clever home interior design.

Let’s Start With Floor Selection

We often bring allergens inside with our shoes. Additionally, mold can grow on many surfaces and it can aggravate allergy symptoms. Even people who don’t suffer from allergies should not be exposed to mold. Exposure to large amounts can lead to wheezing, breathing difficulties, skin itchiness and rashes, watery eyes, fatigue and even chronic headaches.

The right kind of flooring is important to keep mould growth at bay. Floors cover the entire surface area of the flat. Hence, they need to be made of a mould-resistant material. Also, you don’t want carpeting and textiles that may trap allergens and keep them inside.

Hardwood floors are considered an excellent anti-allergen type of flooring. When treated correctly, hardwood also reduces the risk of mould appearance. Tiles and natural stone will also reduce the risk of mould appearance (plus they’re so easy to clean).

Bamboo is another good choice and it has natural antibacterial properties. As far as textiles go, choose short-pile rather than fluffy rugs if you need to have some of those. Wool and sisal are two other great choices that do not trap allergens and can be cleaned effortlessly via a regular vacuuming session.

Say Goodbye To Curtains

As already mentioned, textiles are the main culprit behind allergen accumulation in the home. Switching to hard floors is one way to address the issue. Getting rid of those heavy curtains is another good idea.

Curtains, regardless of fabric, can attract dust, dirt, allergens. This is especially true for heavier curtains that have several layers.

If you want an option that’s easier to clean and much more practical, choose blinds.

Blinds today are as diversified in appearance as curtains. Venetian blinds, roller shades, micro blinds and panel blinds are just a few of the choices. Some are made of lightweight textiles, some are crafted from metal. There are even blinds made to resemble other materials. Faux wood blinds look so realistic you’ll find it nearly impossible to tell the difference.

You can find blinds in all colours and patterns to match the rest of your interior design. There are even anti-dust mite and anti-allergen options on the market that are treated in way to reduce the risk of unwanted particles sticking to the surface.


Allergens need surfaces to accumulate on.

If you have lots of stuff just thrown around, you increase the risk of allergens remaining on surfaces instead of being cleaned.

Clutter makes it so easy for dust to pile up. Thus, you need to consider smart storage solutions and ways to get rid of all knickknacks currently covering the surfaces.

Not only will smart storage help you get rid of allergens, it will also let rooms breathe. You’ll benefit from more space, a less chaotic environment and a chance to boost the functional appeal of your flat. Having a small apartment is no excuse. We’ve already given you a number of ideas to add smart storage to a space-starved flat.

Keep Nasties Out of Your Home

In order to reduce the need to address allergens when they get inside your home, think about ways to seal unwanted particles out of your living space.

It’s very easy for allergens and dirt to enter your space through window gaps or gaps underneath the door. Getting those properly sealed will reduce allergen exposure significantly.

Do check older rubber seals on windows and doors for mould – it’s possible for them to provide the perfect conditions for allergen proliferation. If that’s the case, you’ll need to replace old sealants immediately.

On a simpler note, you can use a few incredibly inexpensive pieces to keep allergens out of your home. A well-designed doormat is an example of such a cheap piece of home décor. High quality doormats trap a lot of dust and allergens, even when people don’t go through particularly vigorous shoe cleaning.

Prioritise Leather Furniture

Just like carpets and curtains, certain types of upholsteries are absolute allergen magnets.

Choose furniture materials carefully to simplify cleaning.

Leather is an excellent choice for allergy-conscious flat owners. It’s very easy to clean, plus it doesn’t let particles stick to the surface. Quality leather is available in many colours and it’s a super durable material. While you’ll need to spend a serious amount on leather furniture, you’ll get an excellent return on investment.

To make your home healthy place to live in, you have to be strategic about interior design. Let us help and guide you through the process. Contact Home Guide if you’d like to focus on healthy, wholesome living that also prioritises elegance.

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