Bring the Dance Club Interior Design into Your Home

Bring the Dance Club Interior Design into Your Home

Do you miss the nightclub experience? Through the power of interior design Singapore, you may be capable of bringing it home.

Obviously, the special vibe of going out, meeting new people, dancing till the morning and feeling completely carefree cannot be replicated in its entirety. Still, there are opportunities to have a danceclub-like option in your entertainment space or living room.

If you like having friends over and you enjoy high quality music sound, such home interior design changes will make sense for you. Here are some suggestions to bring the party home.

Be Considerate of Your Neighbours

Entertaining friends at home during the night and playing loud music will not go down well with the neighbours. Thus, if you plan to organise parties often, you’ll need to think about minimising disturbances as much as possible.

Soundproofing is an absolute essential to prevent confrontations with the neighbours or more serious consequences. There are many ways to soundproof a room for the loud playing of music.

Some of the most popular and effective choices include the use of soundproofing curtains and blankets, the installation of acoustic panels, ceiling and floor soundproofing. Shelves, cabinets and other hefty types of furniture can also have a soundproofing effect.

It’s also important to make sure that shaky items are properly mounted and held in place. Otherwise, they will vibrate and create some additional noise.

An experienced home interior design company in Singapore will assess the specifics of the venue to recommend the soundproofing choices that make the most sense. You don’t need to go for professional, studio-quality soundproofing but if you’re spending money on such upgrades, they should definitely get the job done.

Set the Mood

Now that the practical considerations are out of the way, it’s time to establish the club mood through the power of interior design. Any dance club connoisseur out there knows that lights play an important role.

For a start, it’s good to feature blackout curtains and to cover the walls in black fabric. This way, the effect of a special lighting system will be even more impressive.

Flashing lights, strobe lights and even black lights can all be used to set the mood. There are many light systems that will pulsate and flash in rhythm, giving you the nightclub experience and the adrenaline rush that comes with it.

There are many professional systems, LED lights and even products aimed at creating an entire light show at home. Choose the possibility that’s in line with your budget and that corresponds to the type of music you intend to play at your DIY domestic nightclub.

Setting the mood is also about choosing the right theme and decorating the room accordingly. Fluffy white pillows or bean bags, a prominent bar, a bubble machine or even a photo booth setup will all be great. Don’t forget, however, that some of these accessories can be very expensive. Purchasing them makes sense if you’re going to host parties often enough and if they’re in line with your budget.

If you cannot spend so much money on setting the mood, let your interior designer know what you want to get and what budget you’re comfortable with. Based on such information, an experienced professional can come up with alternatives that will give you a similar vibe without breaking the bank.

Audio Quality

There’s one more essential we need to discuss and that’s the quality of sound. Dance clubs are known for powerful sound system that turn a basic song into an actual, throbbing sensation.

Getting a DJ station for your living room may be a good idea if you like playing and mixing music during parties. If you don’t have so much experience with audio equipment, a good sound system will do the trick.

Regular Bluetooth speakers that you use during the day aren’t going to cut it. You need the right equipment to replicate the feel of nightclub music. One choice you have is the rental of professional audio equipment for your parties. This choice makes sense as you wouldn’t have to burden the room with hefty speakers and subwoofers. These will be brought in only when you host and entertain.

Do consider a consultation with an audio technology professional, especially if you’re not that knowledgeable. Otherwise, you risk spending a ton of money on a sound system that’s not well suited to your needs or particularly good.

Keep Versatility in Mind, as Well!

Remember that most likely the dance club will have to transform into your living room during the day and vice versa (unless you are into a 24/7 party space).

This is why smart and multi-functional choices would make the most sense.

Intelligent furniture systems that serve a couple of purposes are a great choice. The same applies to items that are easy to move. Having such modular systems will help you open up enough space for a dancefloor. Smart furniture will also simplify clean-up and the return to normalcy the next day.

And here’s one final thing to remember – a dance partyis much more about the experience than about the accessories.

There really isn’t an awfully big need to spend a ton of money on luxurious and posh decorative items. A few simple tweaks will often be much more effective when it comes to setting the right mood. If you have the right lights and good audio quality, you’re good to go!

Don’t opt for an over-priced and exaggerated DIY project. Instead, consult residential interior designers. Professionals like the Home Guide team that is also a home renovation contractor in Singapore that is HDB licensed will help you find out if you can bring the dance floor experience to your home, whether you’ll need some permits to get the job done and how much it will cost you.

Contact Home Guide today to get the project started.

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