Bringing Digital and Virtual Experiences Inside Your Store

Bringing Digital and Virtual Experiences Inside Your Store

Store interior design is becoming increasingly interactive due to the extensive mainstream adoption of innovative technologies.

Virtual experiences and digital displays allow customers to explore, connect with the brand in a better way and build a relationship with the respective commercial venue.

If you’re planning an upgrade for your Singapore store, you may want to consider the introduction of innovative technologies. Bringing the right ones in seamlessly through interior design can shape up your company’s reputation and help you reach new customers.

Here are some practical ideas and suggestions you can lean on when conceptualising a new, digitised interior design for your retail store.

Intelligent Dressing Rooms

Do clients have to try on items when they visit a store? If so, you can remodel the dressing rooms and introduce technology there.n

Interactive mirrors are one choice that clients seem to be loving.

Major fashion labels were among the first to introduce such accessories in the dressing room. An interactive mirror comes with a touchscreen surface that the occupant of the dressing room can use to browse through different items and collections, exploring more products along the way.

Some interactive mirrors deliver additional perks.

They can be used to control the lights and the ambiance in the dressing room. They can also mail details about specific products whenever a person doesn’t feel ready yet to buy a certain item.

While interactive mirrors can still seem far-fetched for smaller boutiques and fashion shops, they will sooner or later become the norm. Do some research about them right now and you can definitely move on to the introduction of such useful accessories when you feel ready.

Transform the Interior Completely with Digital Screens

Imagine bringing your clients inside the rain-forest or in the middle of a large aquarium (why not even the ocean)?

Large projection screens can be used to create the most versatile store interiors ever!

When placed strategically, such screens can replace decorations altogether. They can be used to project certain visuals and modify the entire ambiance of the store. Such choices are really cool for campaigns, to ensure better branding and to even educate your clients (or offer them an innovative, immersive experience).

What’s even better – you can change the interior of the store regularly. You’ll be free from having to buy new décor each time you’d like to switch things up. Just get the right visuals, project them on the screen and voila – your customers are enjoying something completely new.

Smart, Digital Shopping Bags and Carts

Here’s a very cool scenario – you have an online store. People use it to add items to their cart but they also want to test out those items in real life. So, the potential client is asked to visit the Singapore location of the store for a combined online/offline experience.

Whenever the person comes to the venue, they’re handed a smart shopping bag or cart that already contains the items chosen online.

In addition, the bag can be used to add new items and explore the store. All choices made are reflected immediately in the online environment. This way, clients have the same experience across all platforms. They can keep track of favourite items and get recommendations in line with their preferences.

Such smart shopping carts and bags are already being used by larger international retailers.

It’s only a matter of time for such choices to become mainstream, bridging the gap between the online and the offline realm altogether.

Bring Your Online Store into a Brick-and-Mortar Location

Screens and displays inside the store can also be used to give visitors a chance to explore your online store.

Why would you want store visitors to check out your online store while they are at the actual physical location?

For a start, touchscreens and displays give people a chance to take a look at a much bigger range of products that they’d notice on the shelves. In addition, the digital display will give visitors access to information about product varieties that may not be available at the store right now.

Such choices are great for brands that have multiple stores and different locations. The screens tie all of the venues in. They also make it possible for people to buy a bigger range of items than what they would have gotten out of the physical location. If they like an item that’s not available at the store in the moment, they can simply order that particular product to be shipped to their address.

Let Your Clients Dream Big

Do you sell furniture? Or maybe you offer automobile upgrades?

If so, consider creating a virtual reality experience inside the store to allow your clients to conceptualise a project.

How will the furniture fit inside the client’s home? What accessories will be required to tie the whole thing in together?

Many stores already feature such tools, allowing clients to put together their own 3D models. Virtual an augmented reality modelling also provides useful information about the selection, keeping the client in control of costs and other crucial considerations.

As you can see, digitisation can take your in-store experience to the next level.

Still, you may feel somewhat confused about the tech solutions bound to give your clients the best possible outcome.

Get in touch with us – Home Guide would love to help you personalise your store’s décor and choose the right tech for your needs.

Picking relevant solutions that add something to the in-store visit is of key importance. When you schedule a first consultation with us, we’ll do our best to understand who you are and what your brand stands for. Based on these considerations, we will execute a conceptual project bound to take your retail interior design in the right direction.

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