Brutalist Interior Design: What Is It and Why It’s Making a Comeback

Brutalist Interior Design: What Is It and Why It’s Making a Comeback

Very few concepts and ideas get people as polarized as the use of animal prints in interior design and fashion. Are they great? Are they tacky? If you ask a number of people, you’ll get radically different answers to that inquiry.

So, should you use animal prints in your upcoming home upgrade? Are they amazing or just awful? To answer these questions, we need to take a deeper look into the world of animal prints and the reasons why they’re so controversial.

Animal Prints Aren’t All the Same

Animal prints is a general term that refers to many things.  Zebra, cougar, cheetah and even cowhide patterns are all considered animal prints.

Very often, animal prints are linked to sentiments of decadence. Actual fur and animal skins used to be very expensive and unaffordable. As such, they were linked to a certain status in the past. Today, animal prints are usually added to cruelty-free fabrics and textiles. They can bring a lot of drama and create a focal point when used correctly.

Some of the most noticeable and controversial animal prints are those linked to big cats. In fashion, these have been linked to tacky pieces. Such prints, however, add timeless texture to interior design, especially if they get paired with some muted and a bit more neutral elements.

Why Do Animal Prints Have a Bad Reputation?

There’s a reason why animal prints have a bad reputation.

For a start, they have been way overused.

Additionally, animal prints are very distinctive and very noticeable. As such, they can be difficult to tone down and pair with other elements. Whenever the respective print is overused, it starts “screaming” instead of making a delicate and luxurious statement.

If you manage to find the right print for your home and you strike balance with the rest of the interior design elements, you can end up with a really luxurious execution. Relying on such patterns and textured, however, veers into dangerous territories. Any misstep will lead to kitsch instead of class. That’s why getting a professional interior designer involved in the project makes the most sense.

Tips for the Incorporating Animal Prints in Interior Design

You can do a few simple things to get animal prints working inside your home.

For a start, opt for the right kind of layering. If you have a monochromatic sofa, for example, you can create a fun accent piece by having a couple of zebra-patterned throw pillows on it. A black and white execution will work really well and allow you to pair elements that have different patterns and textures together.

There are also some fun and unusual ideas, allowing you to bring animal prints in an element other than a textile piece.

Featuring a giraffe wall print, for example, will give you something a bit more unorthodox and unique to place in your living room. While the piece is small enough, it’s usually displayed in a way that makes a statement. Having an animal print used as a form of art will break up the stereotype and add a bit of freshness to the décor.

Because animal prints are polarizing, they will always make a statement. If bold style is your thing, this is the element to choose for a renovation. Contact Home Guide and together, we will make the most of the trend and the delicious controversy that it brings to the table.

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