BTO Renovation and BTO Interior Design

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Brand New Home.

Home Guide is a trusted choice among BTO homeowners across Singapore, with over 2 decades in the industry. We have extensive experience in BTO interior design and BTO renovation, with a comprehensive portfolio ranging from nautical themes to minimalism blended with vintage.

A common challenge in BTO flats is making a small space feel larger during BTO renovation. So, it is a wise decision to engage an interior design company who has a track record of proven successes. We will give your home a makeover to create a big impression for years to come.

Because we’ve worked on homes very similar to yours, we’ve developed an increasingly efficient process over the years. We offer bespoke designs catered to each client’s unique requirements, and we have also put together our popular BTO renovation works together in a variety of tailor-made packages to maximise your value for money.

Turn Your New BTO Apartment into a Personal Paradise

In our hands, the potential for your home is limitless.
You’ve probably already ticked the first box for what makes a wonderful BTO apartment by picking the ideal location. Now you can think about how to make your flat stand out while also getting the best value from the limited space.
This is where our years of experience of BTO renovation with small apartments and public housing will allow us to create magic with your brand new space.

Why Choose Home Guide for your BTO renovation?

We have a strong track record of creating beautiful homes within schedule and budget while exceeding expectations. To make this happen, we employ a team of very talented interior designers, home makeover artists, project managers, and trusted suppliers who will work seamlessly as a team with you on your BTO renovation project to create your dream home.

Home Guide is approved by the Singapore Housing and Development Board to carry out renovation work for BTO flats. We are listed in their official directory, and have been trained in the proper methodology for renovating public housing. Home Guide prides ourself in meeting these official HDB requirements, ensuring a safe working environment for everyone involved in this BTO renovation. For this reason, we are also a member of BizSafe.

The Six Reasons Home Guide’s BTO Renovations Stand Out

  1. We’ve made several BTO apartments into success stories – The proof is in the portfolio. If you want results, your chances are better with someone who has delivered those results before.
  2. We know how to make a small space feel larger – HDB apartments have decreased in size over the years. Not to worry – you can still play it smart so that you save money while getting exceptional home interior works that feel tremendously spacious. At Home Guide, we understand the methods behind making the most out of limited space and you can use this knowledge to your advantage.
  3. A new BTO flat calls for a fresh new outlook – We understand the interior design choices that are popular today. Not only that, but we like to implement the ones that stay in style for a long time. In a brand new BTO home, a fresh style is called for – one that reflects your lifestyle and preferences, and suits every household member, whether they’re family or flatmates.
  4. We offer renovation loan support – You can get loans of up to 6 months of monthly income, with a flexible payment period of up to 5 years, and low interest rates.
  5. We take the effort out of scheduling– Our past experience with BTO layouts means we are one step ahead when it comes to scheduling and estimating a realistic timeframe for the completion of BTO renovation. We are ready with a plan, we deliver on time, and we surpass expectations. We also have a solid relationship with our contractors and suppliers to thank for the magnificent results.
  6. Your home will be as spotless as when you first opened the door – You can expect your home interior to be properly cleaned up by our team after the completion of your BTO renovation. You can just walk right in and begin your new phase of life in your new home.

The Lifestyle-Changing Results: Some of Our Best BTO Renovation Projects

Here are the hand-picked projects from our portfolio of BTO interior design works. We’d love to give you a home makeover of the same standard. Here is a taste of what you can expect when you work with us.

BTO Renovation Packages Tailored Especially for your Space

We offer 2 to 5-room BTO renovation packages that will set your home up for home interior design success. These packages start with a consultation and space planning, 3D perspective drawings, and material and colour scheme proposal. We manage the whole project and supervise the job site. We then redo your flooring, kitchen sink & tap, cabinets, table tops, and paint jobs. We also provide post-job cleaning.

Bespoke BTO Interior Designs that Make Your Vision Come True

If you’re looking for something different from the standard packages, we’ll be happy to work with you to create the home you envision. We can help you craft a unique dream home that is uniquely yours by combining your imagination with our skills and resources.

How Do We Achieve Your Dream Home With BTO Renovation

Working with Home Guide is a simple process in which communication and service excellence are prioritised.
Step 1 – Consultation
During the initial consultation with our experts, we get a better understanding of your needs and requirements.
Step 2 – Presentation
We deliver a presentation that contains approximately 2 to 3 layout plans with matching 3D image proposals, a colour scheme proposal, and an estimated quotation.
Step 3 – Applying Your Feedback
Based on what we discuss with you during this first presentation, we then present a second time with a finalised, altered layout plan and material selection, along with a ceiling and lighting plan, and a finalised quotation for confirmation.
Step 4 – Execution
With the placement of a 10% deposit and agreement of the service policy, we will provide you with the final plans and commence the renovation works.

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