Budget-Friendly Ways to Get a Modern Kitchen Now

Budget-Friendly Ways to Get a Modern Kitchen Now

A kitchen renovation can be an expensive endeavour. Some recent estimates suggest that a kitchen upgrade in Singapore can cost you anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars. That’s the sum needed for a total overhaul involving every part of the room.

Luckily, there are opportunities you can employ to reduce the cost.

Finding your focus and getting creative can both help you save some money and still get the outcome that you desire. It’s also a good idea to work with a professional home interior design company. While you may think that such a partnership is going to be costly, interior designers can come up with a highly personalised project that takes your budget into account create magic with it.

Work With The Existing Kitchen Layout

Before looking at specific approaches aimed at reducing the cost of a kitchen renovation, let’s look at the big picture.

One of the decisions that will contribute to a very expensive kitchen remodel is a complete change of the existing kitchen layout.

If you decide to reposition everything, you’ll probably need to handle plumbing changes (to bring the pipes to where they need to be), some demolition and reconstruction. All of this work will require materials, as well as numerous hours of labour.

Are you happy with the current layout? If so, keep it! A huge impact can be made by focusing on a new colour scheme, refreshing the cabinets, countertops, lighting and upgrading appliances. These changes are much more affordable and quicker to make than a complete layout change.

Give Your Old Cabinets a Second Life

You no longer like the cabinetry that you have in your kitchen? There’s no need to replace the old cabinets in order to enjoy a brand new vision for your space.

A single cabinet can cost anywhere between 80 and 180 dollars, depending on the material and the size. Now, multiply that sum by the number of cabinets you need. Chances are that you’ll get a big sum that’s really not a necessary type of expenditure.

Old kitchen cabinets can be renovated and their appearance is very easy to transform.

Adding a fresh coat of varnish will give you the beautiful visual of natural wood. Alternatively, you can paint the cabinets in a colour that you enjoy to modernise the overall kitchen concept.

There’s one more easy, quick and affordable option for upgrading the existing cabinetry. Getting new hardware is a wonderful idea and it doesn’t cost a lot. A dramatic new handle can completely overhaul the appearance of old cabinets.

Find Alternatives for Expensive Materials

A luxurious, modern kitchen uses materials like marble, stainless steel and natural wood. These materials, however, rank among the most expensive ones.

You can get the appearance of such costly materials by opting for high quality replacements.

Over the course of our career, we’ve executed multiple residential renovation projects involving the use of materials like laminate that look like marble, granite or wood. When the right replacement is chosen, it will look expensive and authentic. Additionally, synthetic materials that look like natural ones can be much easier to maintain in a pristine condition.

Do work with an interior designer on the selection of such replacement materials. A renovation contractor in Singapore that is also an expert in home interior design will know which ones look best and will deliver the highest return on investment. If you just buy cheap supplies on your own, you’ll probably end up regretting the decision (and renovating your kitchen once again in the near future due to quality issues). Learn about the high-low method here.

Consider Kitchen Upgrades That Will Save You Money

Sometimes, spending a bit more upfront makes sense if such a decision is going to help you save money in the long-run.

There are ways to make your kitchen more sustainable and energy efficient, reducing your utility bills in a noticeable way.

Low-flow kitchen faucets and energy-efficient lights sound like simple replacements but they will have a massive impact. A low-flow faucet saves 5.7 litres of water per minute of use. That’s quite a lot and it will quickly add up.

Energy-efficient appliances are also worth considering. True, you will need to spend a decent amount of money on such when planning the renovation. But here’s a simple example to convince you of the benefits – seven per cent of your household’s electricity consumption goes to running a fridge. And that’s if you’re using an energy-efficient model. Older fridges consumed about 14 per cent of the overall household electric use. With an average life expectancy of 15 to 17 years, an energy-efficient fridge will definitely pay itself off in the form of a reduced electricity bill.

And that’s just one appliance you could replace. Energy-efficient washers, ovens, dryers, etc. can contribute to even more impressive savings.

As you can see, it’s not difficult (or expensive) to get creative with your kitchen renovation. In fact, expanding the original vision and looking beyond the obvious choices can help you get an outstanding outcome that’s much more affordable than a standard renovation.

Getting started with a personalised, properly budgeted kitchen upgrade can be daunting. Are you lacking a vision and the inspiration to make that project your own? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d plan and execute a beautiful, energy efficient and cost effective brand new kitchen for you  without compromising quality.

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