Carrying Out a Luxury Interior Design Project on a Budget

Carrying Out a Luxury Interior Design Project on a Budget

Unless you are a staunch minimalist, many of us do love a little bit of luxurious, lavish things in our lives. Unfortunately, these come at a cost and many people will find themselves incapable of affording what they desire.

This is especially true in the world of home interior design and home décor. Carrying out a beautiful home renovation in Singapore will often result in serious expenses. The good news is that you can get an excellent outcome on a budget, especially if you have a solid idea and the right interior design team to bring it to reality.

If you want luxury interior design without the associated expense, check out the following project ideas you can apply to your home renovation.

Choose Solutions That Eliminate Clutter

Getting rid of clutter will immediately uplift your home’s interior design and create the sensation of an expensive execution.

Clutter isn’t attractive. Little knickknacks and items scattered everywhere will often look cheap and unsightly. A couple of well-made cabinets or high quality shelves can help control items and keep them from spreading everywhere.

Hidden storage, cabinets concealed behind glass or multi-functional storage solution (a coffee table that doubles as a container for belongings) can also look super sleek and modern.

Go for High Quality Fixtures

Certain well-chosen items can have much more of an impact than others.

Light fixtures rank high among those.

A feature light or a beautiful chandelier can immediately transform the appearance of an entire room. These statement pieces aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They help light scatter in the best possible way, making a space appear brighter and much more spacious.

You don’t need a crystal chandelier to get that luxury effect. Glass will do just fine, especially when the fixture has been expertly crafted.

Also, understand the fact that you don’t always have to go big with fixtures in order to make a statement. A discrete but high quality lampshade and wall-mounted fixtures can tie an entire design concept together much better than their larger and exaggerated counterparts would.

Mix Textiles Like an Expert

A home that’s too match-y will often look generic and let’s face it – cheap.

If you take a look at interior design magazines, you’ll notice that elegant and expensive decors have one thing in common. They feature many different textiles that keep the space from appearing way too flat.

Mixing textiles isn’t easy because you can overdo it. Having a Singapore interior design professional guide you through the process is the best way to choose the right products and position them optimally within the home environment.

Choosing textiles that feature different textures and patterns isn’t an interior design faux pas. In fact, such masterful combinations will result in some of the most beautiful, exciting and lavish home décors out there.

If you’re attempting to accomplish the goal on your own, go for neutral tones for the vast majority of textiles. A few pops of bright colours will create accents and liven up the atmosphere.

Hardware Upgrades

Here’s one more little thing, apart from fixtures, that can make a statement and give you an expensive-looking interior design.

Hardware like the handles of kitchen and storage cabinets matters. Unfortunately, it’s often ignored. Most people will go for generic hardware like the one that cabinets come with. Just like regular light fixtures, however, such hardware is going to look way too generic and bland.

Swap the regular hardware pieces for something a bit more exciting. Brass or copper handles, for example, will give you some of that old-school glamour you may crave. The shape and decorative aspects of hardware are also essential to pay attention to. These should match the interior design concept you’ve chosen for your home and create visual consistency down to the last detail.

Thrift Store and Vintage Treasures

Genuine luxury isn’t always costly.

Thrift stores and vintage shops are places that hide some of the most exciting treasures that interior designers will ever come across.

Vintage furniture is usually well-made and solid. It carries some history and a distinctive style you cannot obtain from mass manufactured items.

The key here is to curate the items worth buying.

Having some knowledge of different periods and furniture/decorative pieces that are actually expensive will help you. If you don’t have such understanding, get someone to do thrift store shopping on your behalf. An interior designer will usually be the right person for the job. Also, they know the stores and the markets that could feature some beautiful old items worth buying.

Art, Art, Art

One final tip is to consider the addition of artwork to living spaces.

Paintings, sketches, sculptures and other pieces of art don’t have to be costly in order to look elegant and expensive.

What matters here is picking pieces that you enjoy and that reflect your personality. Don’t worry about the actual value and quality of the art. If you like it, go for the item and place it centrally in your home. It will make a huge difference as far as décor is concerned.

Interior design quality and elegance are both subjective. Each person has their own style and preferences. This is the reason why you shouldn’t worry too much about the price tag and getting expensive stuff. Genuine luxurious appeal often hides in modest packages. If you have an eye for beauty and you can spot little gems, chances are that you’ll put together the most outstanding home interior.

And if you feel like you don’t have the eye, do employ professional home interior design help. Home Guide’s designers will work with you closely to understand what you’re going for and bring that vision to reality. Contact Home Guide now to embark on a transformative interior design journey.

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