Cluttercore – The Interior Design Trending on Social Media

Cluttercore – The Interior Design Trending on Social Media

Every now and then, a new trend emerges to shake up the world of interior design. Some last, some go into oblivion as fast as they become popular. Cluttercore is a recent trend but is it destined to thrive in the long run?

We know what you’re thinking – clutter isn’t something that’s meant to be glorified or even tolerated in the world of home interior design. So why is an entire trend named after it? What exactly is cluttercore and how does it correspond to the most important principles of quality design?

What Is Cluttercore?

If it were to be summed up briefly, cluttercore will probably be labelled an anti-minimalist interior design style.

Cluttercore is inspired by interior design maximalism. At the same time, it’s not just a pile of clutter sitting around. Cluttercore is rich and intentional, creating a sense of cosiness and homely comfort. Usually, it focuses on objects, knickknacks and décor pieces that have some sort of value (be it emotional, aesthetic or historical).

While the term clutter usually means a mess, cluttercore is anything but. There’s a strategy to the placement of items, resulting in a neat yet rich home.  Think of it as organised chaos, if such a thing really could exist.

Because of its richness and colour, cluttercore is trending massively on social media right now. Numerous TikTok content creators are focusing their videos on cluttercore. If you want to learn a bit more about it, you can check out Pinterest, Instagram and other favourite social networks. There are tons of pictures and clips out there.

Making a cluttercore home look and feel photoshoot-worthy isn’t such a simple task. You need to follow a number of rules but you also should have an eye for detail in order to achieve the final result without heading into the realm of actually cluttered and overwhelming.

What’s the Difference Between Cluttercore and Maximalism

That’s a valid question – after all, cluttercore is heavily inspired by the maximalist trend.

Maximalism is about richness in all aspects of interior design. It brags colours, patterns, textures, eclectic pieces. Cluttercore, on the other hand, focuses exclusively on the collection of items. It’s much more object-oriented than focused on many colours or a large selection of materials.

Cluttercore is also somewhat based on cottagecore – an interior design style that we’ve talked about before. Cottagecore is all about comfort and nostalgia. It’s also based on natural materials, vintage furniture and art pieces. Many cluttercore fans collect cottagecore items, which brings the two trends very close together.

Tips to Make a Cluttercore Home Feel Chic and Trendy

Now that you’re inspired by the charming aspects of cluttercore, you’re probably thinking about ways to bring it into your home.

When thinking about cluttercore, focus on the creation of layers and the addition of depth to each room. Cluttercore is mismatched in the best way possible. Bring together different items from different periods or belonging to an array of styles. Find a unifying element or a style – a material, a colour, even a motif. Eccentric is good, colourful is also great. A hodgepodge isn’t something to worry about, especially if these disparate pieces seem to “fit” with each other.

If you’re worried about executing an all-encompassing cluttercore concept, start out small. Creating “pockets” of clutter will make it easier for you to test out the trend and determine if it’s the right one for your home.

Random clutter is just that – clutter. Start out with a table or a shelf featuring lots of pictures or favourite souvenirs. Try to arrange those in a way that makes sense – in a line or in a grouping based on some attribute, for example.

Cluttercore should be joyful, the perfect eye feast. When you start out with a single arrangement, you can begin savouring the excess and thinking of larger ways to bring it into your flat.

Finally, if you have favourite possessions that you’ve kept tucked inside shelves and drawers, you should definitely bring those out.

As already mentioned, cluttercore is about displaying your collection, your most beloved possessions that you’ve kept hidden for the sake of easy cleaning and home maintenance. The more emotionally attached you are to these pieces, the better. Having some sort of connection to items will make it so easy for you to determine the perfect display spot for every single piece.

With time, you’ll see your home evolve just like its cottagecore interior. Some collectables will disappear, others will come to replace them. Go with the flow and enjoy the process. Just remember to make arrangements intentional and to leave lots of clean space. It’s a needed element to let rooms breathe and feel ordered regardless of the excess.

Styling a cluttercore home takes some trial and error. It’s also about finding the quality, beautiful pieces that make sense within the context of your surroundings. Executing such a project, especially if you lack the trained eye of an interior design professional, can be a serious challenge.

Let us help you bring this kind of excitement into your home right now. Contact Home Guide to start out a fun and adventurous transformation. Whether you are looking bring cottagecore to your large spanking 5-room-bto renovation or for a super cosy renovation of your 2-room BTO, we’d be honoured to join you on the journey, helping you bring dreams to reality.

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