Condo Interior Design and Condo Renovation in Singapore

Take Your Condo to the Next Level with Home Guide

Whether you own a resale or brand new condo, you have a very clear and specific vision of what it’s going to look like in the future. With our expertise, originality and creativity, we can bring that vision to reality – a dream home you can walk in and fall in love with right from the start.

We’re the Best Team for Your Condo Interior Design Project, Here’s Why:

Home Guide is the perfect team to handle your condo interior design and condo renovation in Singapore. Choosing us will give you a complete solution from start to finish.

Home Guide’s team has nearly three decades of experience in the planning, execution and supervision of condo interior design and condo renovation projects. Through the years, we have maintained a stellar reputation and excellent relationships with numerous clients. We offer comprehensive solutions so that you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Simply let us know how you envision your condo renovation and leave the rest to us.

The Home Guide Advantage

Why should you choose Home Guide for your condo renovation? Here are the top factors that determine the Home Guide advantage:

  1. Specialised experience: condo renovations bring their specific opportunities and challenges to the table. This is why you want to partner up with a team that has already experience in the field. We’ve completed numerous condo projects through the years and we’re confident that no matter what condo interior design style you’re interested in, we can deliver.
  2. Budget-friendly solution: we understand that condo renovation can be a financial strain on your household. This is why we’re committed to offer our clients the best price to quality ratio. Check out our condo renovation package below to understand a bit more about the Home Guide financial advantage.
  3. We can make both old and new condos come alive: whether you’ve bought a brand new or a resale condo, we can give it the character and personality that you envision for the perfect home. Wave goodbye to the bland, generic appearance your condo has right now!
  4. Renovation loan support available: related to the financial aspect of the renovation, we can assist you with obtaining a renovation loan.
  5. Sit back and relax, we have you covered: our team has the experience and the knowledge to handle every single part of the condo renovation. From obtaining the required documents to execution and clean-up, we will deal with everything so that you wouldn’t have to.
  6. When we’re done, we really are done: you can move into your condo as soon as we finish working. We will manage the clean-up and we will put in all of the little finishing touches so that your condo will be 100 percent ready to welcome its brand new inhabitants.

Our Condo Renovation Portfolio

Condo Interior Design Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Our new condo renovation package facilitates getting all required services for a condo upgrade at an affordable price.

The package entitles you to professional solutions like a design consultation with space planning, perspective drawing of all carpentry work, project management, job execution supervision, material and colour scheme proposals, submission of renovation permits and more.

Do check out the package to get a better idea of the cost and what is included in this comprehensive solution to achieve your dream condo interior design.

Make Your Vision Come True Today

Why wait to bring your vision to reality if you could conceptualise and execute the perfect home today? Let us know what your condo interior design idea is, no matter how unorthodox or complex. We’ll do our best to take that concept out of your imagination and into the real world.

The Condo Interior Design and Renovation Process

Every single condo interior design project we work on in Singapore goes through a series of key steps that aim to ensure quality and accountability.

Step 1: The Consultation: you’ll get an initial consultation with our experts that gives you a chance to present your idea, ask questions and get the original concept fine-tuned.

Step 2: Presentation: based on the information gathered during the initial consultation, we’ll come up with a presentation to show you what your condo interior design is going to look like after the project is completed. You’ll get two to three layout plans with matching 3D image proposals. An estimated price quote will also be provided at this stage.

Step 3: Putting Your Feedback in Effect: depending on your feedback and all of the information gathered during the first two steps, we will deliver a second presentation that will reveal the finalized layout plan. You will also get a ceiling and lights plan, material selection suggestions and a final quote.

Step 4: Execution: with the placement of a 10 per cent deposit and a final agreement on the service provision policy, we can proceed with the condo renovation.