Condo Interior Design Styles to Try: Bathroom Edition

Condo Interior Design Styles to Try: Bathroom Edition

Condo interior design and renovation projects provide so many opportunities for an upgrade. The bathroom is one of the spaces that many home owners will pay special attention to. Not only is it a functional room, it can also be turned into a relaxing sanctuary through the selection of the right style and décor.

Today’s condo interior design styles overview will focus specifically on the bathroom and the many different ideas to consider for this space. Bathroom interior design can be classic or modern, it can be extravagant or futuristic and resource-conserving. Choosing one style or the other depends on your personality, your aesthetic vision and the biggest goal you have for the remodelling project.

Bathroom Interior Design: A Complete Transformation Is Easy

Your brand new condo’s bathroom probably looks quite generic and impersonal. Luckily, a few stylistic upgrades can completely transform the interior of that functional space.

Bathroom renovations will usually aim to accomplish several things.

For a start, condo bathrooms often tend to be quite small. The right upgrades can create order and the illusion of more space. In addition, bathroom interior design will often focus on comfort, ease of cleaning and maintenance, privacy and a sense of luxury.

Determining which one of these goals you’re interested in meeting will help you choose the bathroom style that’s most appropriate.

The range of possibilities is literally limitless but some bathroom renovation styles have managed to gain more popularity than others. Here are a few of these evergreen choices that Singaporean condo owners may want to explore before looking for an alternative.

The Most Prominent Singapore Bathroom Interior Design Trends

From white and pristine to colourful and much more dynamic, bathroom design can be all-encompassing. Here are a couple of prominent styles you should definitely consider for your condo’s upgrade:


Classic Marble

Marble is a wonderful material to add to the bathroom. Elegant and timeless in appearance, marble and marble-resembling materials can be used in various distinctive ways throughout the bathroom. And while the material is porous and in need of sealing, a proper execution will give you a tremendously long-lived outcome.

Choosing marble makes it easy to execute just about any interior design concept. The material comes in a vast range of colours, patterns and textures. Hence, it is perfect for the floor, the walls, the bathroom counters and even for the creation of accents.

If you cannot afford natural marble, you can still enjoy the luxurious feel of the material.

Singapore home improvement stores offer an array of synthetic materials that look just like marble. Your home interior design company can guide you through the options, helping you choose a material that looks authentic and sophisticated.

Warmth Through Natural Hues

Many condo owners believe that natural materials like wood aren’t a particularly good choice for the bathroom. And they’re right. Wood can get wet easily, which will contribute to distortion and a whole host of other problems.

The fact that natural wood isn’t particularly suitable for bathroom installation, however, doesn’t mean you’ll have to forget about the addition of elements in natural hues.

For a start, there are treated kinds of cabinets and other wooden elements that can be installed in the bathroom without sustaining damage. As far as wall and floor treatments go, tiles that mimic the appearance of timber are readily available. Many of these products are so realistic that telling the difference will be impossible even at close inspection.

Stylish Tiles

Tiles make up a lot of the bathroom interior design. Easy to clean and moisture resistant, they are a perfect choice for the floor and the walls. What’s even better – tiles are available in so many sizes and styles that they can accommodate for every preference under the sun.

If you want to create a focal point within the bathroom, choose patterned tiles. The example above shows you such a wall that quickly draws the eye and breaks the monochrome design of the bathroom to add visual interest.

The size and the shape of the pattern can be chosen in accordance with the overall bathroom dimensions. This way, patterned tiles aren’t going to overwhelm the overall décor in a smaller condo bathroom.

You can always opt for timeless patterns like geometric shapes or something a bit more innovative and unusual. What matters when making such choices is not overdoing it. Too much colour on top of the pattern can easily result in visual clutter and a bathroom that feels cramped.

Resort-Style Bathroom

The final trend we’d like to discuss here is the resort-style condo bathroom as it is becoming more and more popular. Here’s an example of such a project that we executed for one of our clients:

home interior design ocean park bathroom

A resort-style bathroom brings the “spa” experience to your very home.

The aim of a resort-style bathroom is to exude warmth and comfort. The goal will usually be accomplished through the selection of warm tones – beige, brown, yellow. Adding dark brown cabinetry to the overall picture creates some distinctiveness and gives the design more character.

Resort-style bathrooms don’t usually appeal to young families but they’re often a choice of preference for older home owners. This, however, doesn’t mean that a resort-style bathroom cannot look youthful and fresh. Colourful accessories, spa-inspired shower appliances and a couple of other touches can be introduced to modernise the space and give it functional appeal.

What Is Your Bathroom Style?

Chances are that by looking at the pictures exemplifying each one of the bathroom styles, you’re already drawn to one or some of those.

Once again – these condo bathroom styles are just a few of the possibilities. Bathrooms provide chances for the execution of various other projects. From tropical to rustic, craftsman or even eclectic bathrooms, all of these ideas can be brought to reality effortlessly.

To make the project execution a tremendous success, do consider hiring home interior design professionals for the execution.

Home Guide has decades of experience in condo interior design and renovations. We offer highly personalised solutions and we’re known for transparent, effective and friendly communication. If you’d like to start working on your condo upgrades today, get in touch with the Home Guide team. You’ll benefit from a no-obligations first consultation with our professionals.

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