Cool and Fun Ways to Use Tapestries in Your Home Decoration Project

Cool and Fun Ways to Use Tapestries in Your Home Decoration Project

Modern wall hangings come in all shapes and sizes. Tapestries are a cool choice and they can be used in more than one creative way.

Whether you have some beautiful family heirlooms or you enjoy modern vibes, tapestries can really transform the overall statement your home’s interior makes.

Use a Statement Piece to Cover an Entire Wall

Playing with size and scale is one of the best options you have when it comes to creating something impressive.

An oversized tapestry hung to cover an entire wall brings the drama in interior design. Such a piece will never go unnoticed, both because of its size and the visual that the tapestry represents.

While such a dramatic approach to home décor can work incredibly well, you have to be extra careful about placement.

Choose a room that features a clean, even minimalist design for the creation of the oversized artistic installation. It needs to be the one focal point. Having other pieces of art or home décor fighting for attention will create visual clutter.

Hang a Tapestry from the Ceiling

If wall placement is way too traditional, choose something unorthodox like hanging a tapestry from the ceiling.

On first thought, that may seem like a weird idea. Hanging from the ceiling, however, draws attention to the vertical and makes the room appear bigger. You will also be making use of space that is often neglected when home décor concepts get put together.

Whether you hang it from a rod, make sure it is tight or let it drape loosely, the tapestry will look great at a central position above all other pieces in the room. Experiment with different hanging methods to determine what works well (and which idea also makes the tapestry easy to take down and clean upon necessity).

Frame It

Putting a tapestry in a frame and covering it with protective glass produces several important transformations.

For a start, you immediately begin associating the tapestry with art simply because of the placement.

Putting a tapestry behind a glass also takes away some of its texture. You end up with a sleek and smooth colourful piece that can fit a modern home really well.

Smaller tapestries are best to put behind a glass. Using a shadowbox is another great idea, especially if you want to display the tapestry in an elegant way while also protecting it from adverse influences.

Drape Tapestries Over Pieces of Furniture

We’re now moving on to the realm of functional rather than purely decorative use.

Tapestries, especially ones made of softer and fuzzier fabrics, can be draped over furniture pieces to add some comfort and warmth.

The easiest thing you can do is drape a tapestry over the sofa. Covering the couch will protect the upholstery underneath and also provide a unique opportunity to add a creative element. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to tuck the tapestry neatly or let it hang from the edge of the couch. Both approaches have their merits worth considering.

Tapestries also make wonderful seat covers for chairs.

And if you’d like to use the power of tapestries in the bedroom, turn them in bedspreads. A comforter isn’t the only option, especially if you feel these pieces are a bit boring. It’s a good idea to have several bedspread tapestries that you pair with the sheets for the most perfectly balanced colour combination.

Make Tapestries a Part of Functional Home Décor

Finally, you can use tapestries as separators that will help you create distinctive zones in an open space.

A hanging tapestry is the perfect choice for the creation of a meditation corner, a reading nook or a creative space used to practice your hobby.

Using curtain rods allows you to draw the tapestry whenever in need of some privacy and pull it away when you’d like to enjoy more space.

In this instance, the tapestry serves as a perfect replacement for a movable partition or a wall. It’s lightweight, easy to work with and still capable of giving you some separation.

Tapestries are fun, colourful and versatile. Contact Home Guide if you’d like to get some additional ideas on their use or other suggestions in terms of making your home more colourful and better personalised.

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