Cottagecore Interior Design – Cosy, Romantic Nostalgia

Cottagecore Interior Design – Cosy, Romantic Nostalgia

Have you ever heard about the cottagecore interior design trend? If you’ve never come across that name, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s been around for a couple of years. Its popularity, however, surged seriously in 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic had a lot to do with it.

Cottagecore is about two things – simplicity and comfort. The aim of the style is to encourage more quality time being spent at home. If that’s an important lifestyle aspect for you, keep on reading to find out how you can bring the cottagecore aesthetic and functionality to your home.

What Is the Cottagecore Style in Interior Design?

Cottagecore is more than an interior design trend, some perceive it as a cultural movement. In its very essence, it prioritises comfort and self-sufficiency to guarantee a lifestyle of exceptional quality.

Think about a simpler life. Think of traditional visuals, maybe even a little bit of nostalgia. These are combined with luscious greenery, natural materials, as well as luxury items that serve as accent pieces. Cottagecore tries to take urban dwellers back to a time when everyone had an opportunity to slow down, connect with nature and savour the moment.

All of these elements make cottagecore quite romantic and cosy. If you’re a person who values their freedom, health and who has fond memories of rural experiences, cottagecore will definitely give you a lot to enjoy.

The Main Elements of Cottagecore

To bring the cottagecore aesthetic to your home, you’ll need to focus on a number of key elements that give the trend its personality and traditional visual aesthetic.

Cottagecore is above anything else about authenticity and sustainability. This is why vintage pieces of furniture make a lot of sense. True vintage items rather than mass-manufactured replicas are the best choice and you’ll definitely have fun looking for those if you enjoy experiences reminiscent of a treasure hunt.

Additionally, cottagecore interiors incorporate family heirlooms (lace, aged wood, cast iron – all great choices that give traditional pieces weight and personality), lots of green plants, colourful wallpaper, luxurious accents like high quality light fixtures and bathroom elements, open shelving and lots of texture.

Floral prints, shaggy carpets, wood and handmade décor all work well within the cottagecore aesthetic. And that’s great news. With so many décor styles and possibilities, you’ll find it fairly easy to bring your personality to the flat while staying true to the nature of this trend.

A Few Tips For An Authentic and Inspired Cottagecore Décor

Knowing what the key elements of cottagecore are is a good starting point but you can rely on a few additional suggestions to enjoy authenticity and visual harmony.

If you’re wondering where to start, begin with nature.

Look for fabrics and materials that are completely non-synthetic. Cotton, linen, silk, wool, wood, marble, all kinds of metals, rope, natural leather and even foraged finds like tree branches and roots are all excellent choices.

Anyone who’s into sewing, carpentry, painting or embroidery can also opt for the DIY route. Not only will such an approach result in genuine and unique pieces, it will also fit the sustainability element that’s so vital for cottagecore homes.

When you’re done with those elements, continue bringing nature to your home. Living nature, that is. Plants can liven up any home. They’re key to adding lushness to a cottagecore place. Even if you’re not a very meticulous plant parent, there are still some easy to care for options that will thrive without frequent watering and additional care.

You can also opt for bunches of dried flowers and herbs, dried leaf art pieces and all other natural findings that can be used to make your interior more ornate – shells, feathers, pebbles – these are just some of the possibilities.

And here’s one final tip for the long-run – continue being on the lookout for vintage and second-hand treasures. They will match the overall feel of your home, giving you authenticity and a lot of originality you wouldn’t come across in mass-manufactured pieces.

Reclaimed and refurbished items are also a great choice for cottagecore homes. If you find an old chair that you don’t like in terms of colour or upholstery, for example, you can easily switch things up. Not only will a vintage piece get a second life, it will also receive an opportunity to become updated and much more contemporary.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to have a lot of fun with cottagecore interior design. When you’re done with the execution, you’ll be left with a comfortable and stylish home you’ll feel excited to get back to in the end of the day. Cottagecore is all about the little details, the materials, the textures and the finishes that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. As such, it’s a breath of fresh air in a world that’s become excessively technological and industrialised.

If you’d like to take cottagecore to the next level and ensure visual consistency, work with an interior design team will make the most sense.

Home Guide is a home interior design company can take a cottagecore concept and make it just right for your home. Not just that, we’ll also help out with precise and important elements like the selection of the right materials, colour schemes and furniture pieces. If you need a home renovation contractor to execute the changes, we’ll handle that aspect of the work, as well, and get the right people for the job. Contact us now to get started.

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