Create a Beautiful Baby Room That Will Grow with Your Child

Create a Beautiful Baby Room That Will Grow with Your Child

As a homeowner in Singapore, remodelling can be a costly business, so your choices have to include style decisions that will last into the future. Considering the average HDB renovation can cost S$53,000 or more, depending on finishes, certain areas need more consideration than others. The obvious design intensive rooms include the kitchen and the bathrooms thanks to their expensive appliances and built-in fittings, however, children’s rooms are also important for other reasons. The pastels and fluffy toys that were perfect for your newborn baby, will not necessarily work as your child begins to grow and develops changing interests. By doing your own research, or working with an experienced home interior design firm, it is possible to create a space that accommodates your baby’s changing needs, without breaking the bank or needing a re-haul after 5 years.

Design Elements to Consider

Create a Beautiful Baby Room That Will Grow with Your Child design elements

There are many factors to consider when creating the design for your nursery, however, the key to an adaptable child’s room is to create a neutral backdrop and then accessorize with interesting pieces that make the place more age specific. Here more than anywhere else, it is important to use child safe and green materials and finishes, and don’t forget baby-proofing items like socket covers for when baby starts getting mobile.

A Wall of Wonderful

Create a Beautiful Baby Room That Will Grow with Your Child design wonder wall

Painting is the easiest and most cost-effective option, though be sure to use chemical free paint that is washable to allow for accidents. In the past, wallpaper was a risky choice, especially if the print was distinctly babyish, however neutral and washable wallpapers are now available that provide a perfect backdrop for a child’s room at any stage. If you’re looking for a less permanent option, consider wall decals which are easy to install, and can help provide the visual contrast babies need for optimal neural development. These come in a whole range of options including trendy geometric black and white patterns, or more playful mural scenes with a theme of your choice. They are easy to remove, and not too costly, so they give you an opportunity to really chose something exciting for baby, and remove them when your child outgrows them. To really boost the fun, paint a section of wall with blackboard paint that will allow your child to draw on the walls in a controlled space.

Functional Floors

While wall to wall carpeting will feel cosier, it may not wear well given the inevitable spills that will happen in a baby’s room and it is also a dust trap that can house mites that can irritate a sensitive baby. Rather, install a natural, sustainably produced flooring such as hardwood, bamboo or even cork. These provide easy to clean, hygienic surfaces and can be softened with natural fibre rugs, or rubber mats for when baby starts to crawl.

Create a Beautiful Baby Room That Will Grow with Your Child design functional floors

Don’t forget the Ceiling

Often forgotten in children’s room design, the ceiling is a particular point of interest, for a baby lying in a crib. If you’re feeling bold, an interestingly patterned wallpaper, avoiding babyish motifs, can be applied to the ceiling to add interest and it will also age well. If that’s too permanent, projector night lights can be a fun alternative. They display scenes onto the ceiling and walls of anything from underwater wonderlands to jungles and starry skies.

Fit dimmable lighting and include various light sources; a night light for sleep time, a clear overhead light so you can see clearly when its changing time, a small reading light and even fairy lights for atmosphere, just keep them out of reach of delicate little fingers.

Fill the Room with Adaptable Furniture

Create a Beautiful Baby Room That Will Grow with Your Child design adaptable furniture

Be sure to use durable and easy to clean materials, soft furnishings should have removable covers and don’t forget to include some adult-sized pieces for mom and dad. Use your accessories to really personalise the room against a neutral more mature backdrop; use scatters, throws, rugs and artworks- they are easy to replace and add an instant pop of fun without costing too much

Make sure you have plenty of storage, to allow for clutter, toys, and clothing to be stored out of sight, ensuring a clear open floor space for when your toddler starts to crawl.

Invest in furniture that adapts to your child’s size, cots that convert into daybeds, or even a larger child’s bed are a great example of this. If you buy a changing table unit, make sure the changing station can be removed, converting the piece to a normal dresser when the child is older. While a rocking chair has a certain romance to it, it’ll be hard to re-home as your child grows, however a large exercise ball provides the perfect ‘chair’on which to rock baby to sleep and is easy to fold away when no longer needed.

Finally, install a large pegboard, which can be used to display your toddler’s artwork, and then used for more grown-up images or timetables later, without ruining the walls. Singapore has many child-focused decor retailers that will help you to fill the room with beautiful, locally designed pieces.

Stay True to Your Aesthetic

While considering all of the above factors, make sure the room fits in with the design of the rest of the house. Whether you prefer a retro or minimalist look, bring this style into the room with a choice piece of furniture or your light fittings, so that the room cohesively speaks your chosen design language. A Singapore registered interior design team will guide you through this process with ease and can offer insight into details and regulations you may not have considered, specific to your HDB or condominium home.  Home Guide has years of experience creating beautiful, bespoke homes to suit families of all sizes and we will expertly ensure your baby’s room is the ideal sanctuary to welcome the newest member of your family into the home. Contact us here, to arrange a consultation.

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