Transform Your Home into a Chic Oasis: Top Ways to Style with Floor Lamps

Transform Your Home into a Chic Oasis: Top Ways to Style with Floor Lamps

A simple and elegant piece like a floor lamp can fit in any room while immediately transforming the environment and the vibes of the space.

Floor lamps are amazing in several other ways. You’ll discover a huge variety of styles, designs and materials. Beautiful floor lamps don’t cost a lot while also having a significant impact – two important reasons why professional interior designers enjoy working with such pieces.

Using floor lamps can help you add a chic element to your flat. If you’re looking for some styling inspiration, try a few of the following approaches.

Add Some Balance to a Room

Long and tall, floor lamps are an excellent piece to use if you’d like to balance out a heavier and bulkier item in a room.

A tall lamp next to massive loveseat or sofa takes away from the chunkiness. It can be a cool addition to a smaller room, making it look a tad more airy and high.

The floor lamp can also be used to direct attention towards a piece you’d like to highlight. Its curves can easily create a focal point, taking away from some bulkiness you may have present in the space. Turning the light on will also result in visual focus that makes otherwise boring spaces a bit more dynamic.

Make a Slender Statement

The fact that a floor lamp has a clean, minimalist design doesn’t mean it lacks presence.

In fact, floor lamps can easily act as statement pieces without occupying too much space. For the purpose, you’ll need to select the right silhouette – slightly dramatic and more distinctive from what typical functional pieces look like.

Arc floor lamps are an excellent example of pieces that make an elegant, distinctive statement.

The arc floor lamp was conceptualised in the 1960s and it was an important mid-century modern interior design element. An arc floor lamp consists of a metal arm (brass is one of the most popular choices), mounted on a stone base.

The arc itself is visually distinctive and intriguing while maintaining much-needed minimalism.  The silhouette is dramatic enough to stand out even in a busy, somewhat cluttered room. At the same time, an arc floor lamp is functional and a great addition to the living room. It can easily hang over the sofa or a reading nook to maximise the amount of illumination right where it’s needed the most.

An Eclectic Look with Multiple Floor Lamps

Usually, a room features one floor lamp that creates either visual appeal or a functional corner. If you want a more dramatic and interesting look, you can count on several different floor lamps in the same space.

Different heights, curves and materials can give you funky eclectic vibes while also balancing the room in a very nice way.

You can also play with different kinds of bulbs, as far as light intensity and colour both go. These lamps will create intimate, warm settings while also allowing for the performance of various tasks – reading, enjoying a family meal, playing board games, doing some work, etc.

When using multiple floor lamp, have some of those directed towards your favourite pieces of art or furniture. The interesting shadows and the directed lights will give you a layering effect that makes the interior design more interesting.

Choose a Simple Lamp with an Exaggerated Lampshade

Going for a dramatic silhouette isn’t the only way to make a statement with a floor lamp.

You can choose the exact opposite approach – choose a very simple floor lamp. Make sure the arm is straight and the base is crafted from a neutral material like wood.

This simple design will be contrasted beautifully with an exaggerated lampshade – the one element that will give the lamp those standout features.

Dramatic lampshades can have unorthodox shapes or a cool finish. Metallic lampshades, for example, look expensive while also being very distinctive and noticeable. Pairing such a lampshade with the right bulb will give you an even more pronounced effect.

Make an Empty Wall a Bit More Interesting

A floor lamp doesn’t have to necessarily hang over furniture or be paired with other interior design pieces.

In fact, it can give an element of visual appeal to an empty space.

If you’re wondering what to place in front of an empty floor without ruining the balance of the room, choose a floor lamp.

This approach turns the floor lamp into the standout piece. At the same time, it’s minimalist and clean enough not to overpower the empty space. Anyone who enjoys subtle impressiveness will be drawn to such an approach.

Having the lamp in front of a white wall is a great idea if you’d like to maximize the amount of light available in the room. White and other light colours can reflect light much better than dark tones, giving the space a sense of brightness.

Floor lamps are incredibly versatile and convenient. As an added bonus, you can easily move them around to make the most of these pieces.

If you’re wondering about the right home décor features for your space and you’re contemplating the use of floor lamps, contact Home Guide. We’ll put together a comprehensive concept that’s bound to match your space and your lifestyle needs.

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