Creating A New Home – Coming Full Circle With Renovation

Creating A New Home – Coming Full Circle With Renovation

Since the HDB allotment system has become so successful in Singapore, there has been an imminent upward tick in the statistics of new homeowners. The size of your home depends – it can be a condo, a two bedroom BTO or some other genre – but the one thing that remains constant about all of them is the interior design. Further, we’ll be looking at everything you need to know when choosing a new home, and all the things you should do after.

3 Things to Know When Choosing A New Home

The first step in becoming a new home-owner is finding yourself the perfect home. However, it’s a sentiment easier thought than done. There are many things you have to consider while you’re looking for your dream house. Let’s look at some of aspects you have to consider when you’re looking for a new home.

  • Types of Flats: The HDB housing allotment system is extremely efficient, but that does not mean that it is localized to a specific genre. These flats are designed to cater to the needs of all sorts of families. Therefore, the system consists of 3 major categories of flats:
  • 1-room to 5-room
  • Executive Flat
  • Multigenerational Flat

Each one of these varies in square footage, and the HDB eligibility checklist has to match in order for you to apply for one.

  • Eligibility: there are a number of eligibility schemes under which you can buy an HDB flat. These are enforced with several policies that are there to help the system remain stable. It is important that you meet the requisite eligibility criteria when you’re choosing a new home for yourself. The HDB website has an e-Service through which you can check if you’re eligible for a resale flat.
  • Ways to Buy: finally, you have to decide what way you will be using to actually buy your new home. You can carry out a full transaction on your own, or you may even hire a salesperson to do it for you. There are rules and regulations for each way, which you can find at the official HDB website.
Understanding The Interior Design Needs
home interior design planning

Once you’ve bought your new home, it’s time to consider the interior design conditions. Of course you’ll have to engage in some sort of HDB interior design genre in order to make your space aesthetically appealing and presentable. It all depends on the existing condition of your new home, and the extent of services that you will need. Here are 5 options that you may consider:

  • Interior Designer: An interior designer that is not affiliated with any company and runs a solo act will provide you with only the barest of design detailing. They do not have the time or resources to manage a full-service interaction with the client.
  • Decorator: In case where you’re satisfied with the existing condition of your HDB interior design, you can simply hire a decorator to beautify your home without investing in any physical building works.
  • Renovation Company: A renovation company can provide you with full-service detailing for your HDB. They’re a one-stop-shop for hiring contractors and getting the best services and products in Singapore.
  • Turnkey Consultants: A company that handles turnkey projects will simply deliver you the final product without involving you in any of the actual process.
  • DIY Ventures: If you think that you are the best designer for your own home, then you can even break out some DIY ventures to make your new home more presentable.
3 Things To Look For When Hiring A Dream Consultant
interior design consultant singapore

If you’ve decided that you’re going to hire a consulting company or even an individual designer, it’s extremely important to ask some basic questions:

  • What’s your aesthetic?

Understanding the aesthetic of the designer you’re vetting is extremely important. If their style is set in stone and doesn’t match with your vision, then your HDB interior design can turn out to be a veritable catastrophe.

  • What’s your turnover time?

If your consultant has a long turnover time then you should always ask, ‘why?’ if the answer is reasonable, then by all means go for it. But if you thing the answer is shady then it’s time to reconsider your options. If you’re stuck somewhere in-between then do not hesitate to ask for testimonials.

  • What’s your budget?

Working with a set, predetermined budget is what interior design companies are best at. But just in case, you should always ask this question to save yourself any future troubles.

Home Guide Designs is one of oldest and best interior design companies in Singapore. Our work is specifically catered to suit our client’s vision and always adheres to the HDB guidelines. Working with us will definitely be the best renovation experience for you.

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