Creating an Exciting Store Interior through Colour Selection

Creating an Exciting Store Interior through Colour Selection

Colours can influence shoppers and plays a big part in retail interior design . According to a survey, the colour of a product can account for nearly 85 per cent of the reason why people are going to select it over another option. Colours can be comforting, calming or exciting. An interior designer will choose the right palette depending on the retail goals the business wants to accomplish.

Whether you have a small boutique or a large retail venue, colours will play a role into making the shopper’s experience memorable. Here are a few of the essentials you need to know about the exciting the use of colour to attract, retain and encourage shoppers to purchase.

Are There Typical Choices for the Industry?

The first and the most obvious thing to do is to consider colour choices that are traditional representative for the industry.

Baby shops and boutiques catering to the needs of toddlers and children, for example, are typically executed in pastels. Blue and pink are traditional choices in the industry that provoke a specific response and a level of recognition from the potential buyer.

It’s up to you to determine whether you’re going to pursue a choice that’s traditional for the industry or if you would make your interior different. The second choice gives you a chance to differentiate yourself from the competition. At the same time, you’re accepting the risk of your audience feeling somewhat alienated.

If you want to stray away from the traditional industry choices, you should definitely consider hiring a Singapore interior design company. Professionals in the field will determine the choices that will help you stand out while also creating an appropriate and appealing interior by selecting the right colour palatte.

Telling a Story with Colour

Colours provoke emotional responses from people. The tones you pick for a boutique or a store will get the visitors feeling calm, exciting about a product or willing to spend a lot of time exploring the options. If you go for a comprehensive and cohesive colour scheme, you can tell a story.

If you sell a perfume that has a light, breezy, ocean-inspired scent, for example, you can enhance that effect through the selection of colours. Blue, green and yellow are the obvious choices that will give the theme its visual representation.

Red is the colour of fire and passion. It’s ideal for fashion shops or lingerie places. Interior designers will base their decisions on preconceived notions about the different tones. Each colour tells a story because of cultural or social values that it carries. While these values are far from universal, the vast majority of store visitors will understand the concept.

Whether the store’s theme is a beautiful garden or the power of the industrial revolution, you can create a strong and moving presentation through the use of colours. Do a bit of research to identify the right tones and when you have the information, you can pinpoint the colour scheme that will give you the best result.

Evaluate the Appearance of Your Products

Remember that retail interior design will have to match the brand identity and it will also need to look good alongside the product design.

Take a look at the range of products you’ll be stocking on your shelves and racks. What do the products look like? What are the predominant packaging colours and textures? Do you sell a small line of products that all feature similar packaging or will customers be capable of finding a whole host of possibilities in your store?

These are important questions to ask yourself before you work on the retail interior design concept.

The interior of a store has to accomplish one very important thing – direct all of the attention towards the products. If you choose bold and bright wall colours and your products come in subdued packaging, chances are that you’ll fail accomplishing the primary goal.

You may want to try grouping products together and looking at the floor plan to determine where each selection is going to be positioned. Based on this information, you can start thinking about the colours of walls and the accent/display pieces in the store.

Enforce the Brand

A final essential that will affect retail interior design is the brand identity. You want to make your brand recognisable, you want to stand out. This is especially true for businesses operating in highly competitive fields that feature multiple active players.

At least a small boutique or store area should be dedicated to presenting the brand identity – the corporate colours, logo and even slogan. Usually, companies accomplish this goal in the entrance area or at the checkout counter.

Just featuring your logo there isn’t the most creative approach. Singapore interior designers who specialise in retail projects know what it takes to make the space inviting while also presenting the branded elements loud and clear.

Merchandise tags, the wrapping paper being used, the shelves and even the seating could be branded to tell store visitors who you are. Don’t be afraid to explore unorthodox choices and the creation of custom interior supplies that will make your store distinctive.

Home Guide Interior Design has the experience and the knowledge to take your retail interior design project to the next level. We understand the importance of colours and the hard work you put into building your brand. It’s our primary focus to offer a custom, tailored interior design solution that will address all of your needs.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re wondering about store colour selection or the creation of the overall interior design concept. We will work incessantly to help you stand out, make the most of the available space and build a long-lasting, sustainable relationship with your customers.

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