Creative Under-Bed Storage ideas for a Small Flat

Creative Under-Bed Storage ideas for a Small Flat

Tucking a few storage containers underneath the bed gives you easy opportunities to get better organised in a small flat but that’s not the only option.

Living in a small flat can be difficult, especially if you run out of space for your stuff. To create a brand new storage area, you’ll have to get creative.

Under-bed storage can work realty well, especially if you use the power of clever home décor to make the most of the available area.

Choose the Right Bed and Go Higher

The amount of space you’ll have for storage underneath the bed depends entirely on the height of this piece of furniture.

A standard bed doesn’t give you a lot to work with.

To optimise the storage area, consider getting a bed that’s a bit taller. It can be very convenient and easy to get in, especially for individuals dealing with some mobility impairments. In addition, a taller bed will allow you to fit much bigger storage units underneath.

A good alternative would be a bed mechanism that pulls up and allows you to access the storage area from the top.

If you feel that the bed is way too tall for it to be convenient, a few built-in steps will work just fine.

You may worry that you’ll need to get a custom piece of furniture to execute this idea but it may be worth the investment. A small flat will usually be difficult to fit perfectly with commercial furniture. Custom pieces will give you more usability, more space and better value in the long run. All you need to do is find the right carpenter for the execution of the project.

Sliding Storage Units with Wheels

The biggest problem resulting from the use of under-bed storage units is difficult accessibility. This is especially true for bins and baskets that you stack in front of each other. Reaching the ones that are in the back becomes mission impossible, meaning you’re not going to be using these pieces too often.

As an alternative, you may want to choose larger sliding drawers that have wheels.

Under-bed drawers on wheels are easy to find in home décor stores, as well as online. They’re available in many sizes and shapes, so you’ll easily find at least a few designs that are just perfect for your bedroom.

Pull-out drawers could be visible, especially if your bed is taller. Oversized linens and duvets will give you a good choice to conceal the drawers if they don’t match the colour of your bed. Alternatively, you can choose a bold and interesting design that will complement your bedroom without needing to be hidden.

Store a Bed Underneath the Bed

A  bed that slides from underneath the bed is the perfect idea for the creation of a guest bedroom if your flat is lacking one.

You can employ this clever trick in your child’s room or the second bedroom (in case your flat has one). All you’ll need is a minimalist sliding frame and a mattress on top of it. Pulling that contraption from underneath the bed will give you a room with two beds in it.

There are beds with a built-in second frame underneath the first one. If you’re going to be buying a bed right now, consider this option. Alternatively, you’ll need solely the sliding frame and a simple mattress on top of it to make the magic happen.

Colourful Toy Boxes

A child’s bedroom can easily become the messiest place in your flat. Lacking the space to put storage units inside it will contribute to even bigger chaos. Let’s face it toy bins and a few boxes aren’t going to cut it when it comes to keeping a nursery organised.

Colourful storage boxes built into the bed frame provide a cool opportunity to create an area your child is actually going to enjoy using.

Something as simple as bright and funky plastic boxes that fit inside the frame will be enough to provide enough storage for toys, books and art supplies.

Repurpose Old Suitcases

It’s very easy to get creative and come up with something funky to give your under-bed storage area some uniqueness.

Repurposing old suitcases (the more vintage they are, the better) is probably one of the most original ideas you can employ to give your under-bed storage some chic vibes.

Leather suitcases are a great choice because they look expensive and sophisticated. Additionally, these suitcases are very long-lived – they’re virtually indestructible. Since they are closed tightly, these suitcases will be ideal for the storage of clothes, linens and other belongings you don’t want to get dust on.

Under-Bed Shoe Organisers

Do you lack the space for a walk-in closet or a proper shoe display? Worry not! The under-bed area gives you the perfect chance to keep your shoes properly organised.

Wooden organisers are perfect for proper shoe storage. You’ll even find DIY ideas online that can be executed easily.

Adding glass or clear plastic lids to the wooden shoe boxes will give you a good look inside, allowing you to pick the ones that you’ll need that particular day.

These are just a few of the simple but clever things you can do with your under-bed space. If you’re seeking additional opportunities to optimise storage in a small flat, contact Home Guide today. We are renovation contractor that can create a bespoke solution that’s perfectly matched to your space and your lifestyle.

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