Decorating with Velvet and Adding a Bit of Glamour to Your Home

Decorating with Velvet and Adding a Bit of Glamour to Your Home

Creating accents is an important part of memorable and impressive home interior design. You’d definitely want your HDB apartment to have a couple of focus points that grab the attention and make the appearance of the interior a bit more dynamic.

Noticeable materials, textures and bold colours are used to create these accent points. Some of the best options maintain a timeless appeal and they rise to fame periodically.

Several trends have dominated residential interior design in Singapore in 2018 and the use of velvet is one of them. Rich, textured and comfortable, velvet is ideal for adding a bit of luxury to the home’s interior. In order to keep the arrangement from getting tacky, however, it’s important to use velvet sparingly and strategically.

Choose Delicate Velvet Elements

Many interior designers oppose the use of velvet furniture because it can get uncomfortable for use in hot weather. For a posh and beautiful effect, they prefer the selection of less obtrusive velvet elements to add a bit of richness to the interior.

Velvet is particularly suitable for use in the living room and the bedroom.

A few velvet throw pillows on the sofa will be ideal for getting a bit of comfy support. They will contrast a natural material like leather in a pretty spectacular way to create a point of visual interest. Choosing a bright and contrasting colour that differs from the overall palette in the room is going to make the accent even more noticeable.

Velvet curtains in the bedroom can create the sensation of a boudoir. They’re heavy and they’ll block the light out during the night. If you want to choose heavy velvet curtains, however, you should keep in mind these will necessitate maintenance to look pristine. Velvet is prone to accumulating dust and you’ll need to clean the curtains on a regular basis. If you don’t have the time for such commitment, you may want to opt for some more practical material.

Use Other Materials That Go Well with Velvet

Recognising the importance of balance when creating visually-stunning solutions that blends well with comfort and practicality is a hallmark of Singaporean interior design due to our tropical weather and lack of land space. Thus an interior design professional is needed when working in velvet, which could be itself quite overwhelming when not used properly.

Velvet has a heavy and somewhat rustic feel to it. Thus, it should be balanced with alternative materials to add a bit of modern appeal to the interior design.

The sleekness of metal like iron or brass would be an excellent choice. The coldness and the hardness of metal will contrast the soft, plushy velvet. A chair that features velvet upholstery and metal legs is a great option for someone who wants comfort and a bit of modern appeal at the same time.

Velvet is pretty universal when it comes to being used alongside other fabrics. It will be great with silk, cotton and synthetics. A combination with linen is also a great choice because of the smoothness of velvet and the natural roughness that linen possesses.

Go Retro!

Anyone who’s interested in the retro interior design trend should definitely consider the acquisition of vintage velvet furniture.

Velvet used to be quite a prominent material for furniture creation. Even if a new piece of furniture is chosen, the design and the use of the fabric could make it reminiscent of the items that were typical for the decades gone by.

The choice of velvet furniture is exceptionally suitable for the execution of a 1970s idea. These items came in some pretty bold colours like hot pink that turned them into statement pieces. Once again, statement pieces will stand out only if the interior design is balanced. Thus, the rest of the room where the particular velvet item is displayed will have to be subdued. A neutral colour palette for the walls and the other accessories will be the best choice.

When Possible, Go for Aged Velvet

High quality velvet ranks among the materials that age pretty well. This is why such vintage furniture may be costly.

When you have the option, go for aged velvet. It has a certain regal quality to it that brand new items don’t feature yet.

Weathered velvet furniture and accessory give each room a certain character and spirit. These items come with a history that can easily be sensed, especially when the rest of the interior design decisions are made by a skilled professional.

Singapore interior designers will know where to look for aged velvet furniture pieces and accessories and at the right price point. If you’re interested in such items, let your designer know. Together, you’ll hunt for the little treasures that are a good match to the overall home renovation concept.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with velvet and use it in unconventional ways.

Some brave and bold interior designers have gone for upholstering walls with velvet. The choice makes the room look very luxurious. It’s also an option of preference over curtains because these may have a rather heavy and motionless feel to them. Velvet bedding like a bed cover could also be a great idea for increasing the regal quality of the bedroom.

Don’t be afraid to go where others haven’t been before. If you have a certain wild idea, talk to interior design professionals like Home Guide Design & Contracts Pte Ltd to identify a team capable of executing your concept.

Home Guide’s team is not afraid of ideas others may consider too out there. We have extensive experience in the realm of residential interior design. We’ve worked on both innovative and vintage concepts. If you love velvet and you want to incorporate it in your home’s design, we’ll be more than happy to work with you on the project.

Please take a look at our portfolio to learn more about our work or contact us today. Home Guide’s professionals will answer your questions about Singapore interior design possibilities and the best options for the acquisition of velvet furniture for your apartment.

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