The Fun of Using Decorative Storage Boxes: The Perfect Two-in-One Solution

The Fun of Using Decorative Storage Boxes: The Perfect Two-in-One Solution

Storage boxes are incredibly functional – they’re the perfect addition to every flat, be it a small or a large one.

The problem with storage boxes is that most of them can be quite unattractive. Made of plastic or other convenient materials, storage boxes allow for better space organisation and decluttering but they’re also massively lacking in visual appeal.

Luckily, decorative storage boxes provide a wonderful alternative. While these give you an opportunity to get your belongings neatly tucked inside, decorative storage boxes also enhance the overall home décor concept and make a statement.

Turn a Storage Box into Something Else

One of the coolest thing about decorative storage boxes is that they can be used to get your belongings organised and to also enhance the functionality of your home.

A beautiful, vintage-inspired box, for example, can easily double as a coffee table or a nightstand. You’ll simply need to pick a design that gives you a sufficiently big flat surface to enable the second function of the storage unit.

Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box when getting your home furnished and laid out. This is especially important if you have limited amounts of space at your disposal. Multi-purpose items probably give you the best space-saving solution. Since decorative boxes are pretty enough to put on display, they can be featured in the centre of the room without disturbing the visual balance.

Stack on Top of Each Other for Better Home Organisation

Many decorative storage boxes are available in several varieties per model. The differences could stem from colour choices, patterns, size, etc.

A fun and practical thing to do would be to get multiple storage boxes that belong to the same product line and stack them on top of each other.

This kind of storage tower will look cool and also give you a lot more space. If you pick boxes that have different sizes, you can create a funky pyramid to display in the living room, the bedroom or your kid’s room.

Such a stack will also help you sort your belongings in the most reasonable way. For example, small toys will go in the smallest box while your child’s bigger play items will be organised in the larger boxes stacked on top of each other. You can use the same system to organise hobby belongings, kitchen condiments, tools, magazines, books or anything else that needs to be put away.

Create Your Own Storage Boxes

Reusing and repurposing are two powerful techniques you can employ to save some cash while getting unique interior design pieces.

Look around and consider the items that can be turned in decorative storage boxes.

An old chest is a wonderful example of such an item. It looks incredible and it’s usually a very durable piece. Such a chest would be wonderful to have in your bedroom or even your living room (and it will easily double as a beautiful coffee table).

Even cardboard boxes that deliveries arrive in can be repurposed. You’ll simply need to reinforce the structure and use some decorative foil or paper on the outside. These boxes will give you a lightweight, sustainable choice you can use for the storage of so many kinds of items.

Something as basic as a commercial crate can be upcycled and repurposed to create distinctive decorative storage boxes. If you’re opting for such an item, make sure the size is right. Many commercial crates don’t have a lid – something to keep in mind if you intend to upcycle and repurpose such items.

Have Fun with Storage Baskets

Decorative boxes aren’t your thing? No problem! You have lovely alternatives and storage baskets are one beautiful choice.

Made of rope, sisal or wicker, storage baskets immediately give you an elevated visual. An added benefit comes in the form of an affordable price tag. Storage baskets are available in multiple sizes, giving you so many choices.

Baskets can be organised in groups or you can get a large one (placing compartments inside for better organisation) to make a visual statement.  Baskets are also available in various shapes, making it super easy to pick the one that will fit perfectly inside your available space.

Use Decorative Storage Boxes in the Bathroom

One space that’s often ignored when it comes to getting your home organised is the bathroom.

A bathroom cabinet is the typical storage unit used to get toiletries, personal belongings and linens organised. Often, however, isn’t enough to contain the bathroom chaos.

Decorative boxes made of waterproof materials like plastic, glass or acrylic will be a great addition to the bathroom. These boxes allow for the better placement of cosmetics, medicines, bathroom cleaning supplies and anything else you don’t know where to place.

If you choose a waterproof material, you can even feature a decorative box in the shower itself to get all personal hygiene supplies within reach.

Good interior design is creative and even a bit whimsical. Don’t be afraid of exploring solutions that aren’t so common. Contact Home Guide if you need some guidance and we’ll embark on an inspiring home upgrade journey together.

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