How to Design a Child Bedroom That Will Grow with Your Little One

How to Design a Child Bedroom That Will Grow with Your Little One

Your child grows fast and with the added height, they gain new interests and preferences. The interior design of a child’s room should be beautiful, functional, and flexible. It’s obviously impossible to change the design every few years, which is why you should conceptualise a room that will grow with your child.

Every good interior design firm know the importance of customisation and flexibility. Those who specialise in residential interior design have the knowledge and the creative vision to offer their youngest clients something attractive, fun, and practical at the same time.

Designing and decorating a room that grows with your child depends on following a couple of important interior design principles.

Classic, Timeless Furniture

Your child may be into Ninja Turtles one day and Transformers the next. If you buy furniture that’s especially designed for kids, you may end up dealing with temper tantrums and ongoing expenditures for each new phase.

It’s a much better idea to invest in timeless, clean furniture. Cute nursery items have only a few years’ lifespan. Your kid will outgrow such juvenile items pretty fast. They’re not cost-efficient and they’re not practical.

Keep in mind the fundamentals of home interior design. You can easily change the appearance and the mood of the room through decorations and accessories. Changing those every few years will be much simpler. These items aren’t as expensive and they’re not as difficult to move around.

Invest in a crib that can transform itself in a bed for your child – such flexible furniture is readily available. A bureau or a desk for a toddler is also a pretty useless piece of furniture. It will be much better to choose an item for an older child that already draws or uses the desk to write their homework.

The Right Colour Palette

Experienced interior designers will tell you that the room’s colour palette is as important as the furniture and the accessories you pick. It will set the tone in the room and it will remain a constant, regardless of the other changes you introduce through the years.

Neutral colours are ideal for a child’s bedroom – a part of the house that will probably change quite often. Neutrals allow you to pick much bolder and brighter accessories without fighting for attention themselves.

It’s a typical rule of thumb to stick to three colours at most when decorating a room. You can have shades that complement each other or two complementary tones and one contrasting colour for the purpose of creating highlights.

Switchable Accents

This is where you can have a bit of fun as far as the design goes.

Accents can really make the room pop. When designing for children, keep one very important fact in mind – younger people tend to get bored with their surroundings much faster than adults.

A colourful rug or a sport-inspired bed cover for a boy’s bedroom are such wonderful accents that really steal all of the attention (especially when coupled with neutral hues as the main tones in the bedroom). Pillows, coloured shelves or a cabinet that features multiple tone can also increase the vividness of the interior space and encourage exploration.

Accessories are the final layer – the one that completes the interior design. At the same time, they’re easiest to switch. Patterns and prints will excite the imagination of young people. These are equally suitable for young kids and for teens. Something that has been outgrown can easily be moved to storage and replaced with a more grown-up version.

Storage Options: An Important Part of a Child’s Bedroom

Children are messy little people. You and your interior design company should keep the fact in mind when planning a child’s space in an HDB apartment.

The right storage options are ideal for toys, clothes, books, art supplies and everything else a child will be involved with as they grow.

Toy boxes are obviously the simplest option but they’re not the best one. Wall-mounted shelves and colourful drawers are a much better idea. Such storage options will be ideal for kids above the age of nine or 10 – kids who are already transitioning into teens who have more demands for their bedroom.

Stickers and wall tattoos are an ideal choice for dressing up the storage items. They will appeal to a young kid and they can be removed easily as your child grows.

You may also want to look for multi-purpose furniture. A bed that has storage space underneath is an ideal choice for a bedroom that will grow with your child. You can also have an upholstered bench that also features some storage space beneath the seat.

A final and very important thing to keep in mind is that you may want to have your child involved in the process. Letting them pick the wall colour or the bedroom furniture is obviously far from the smartest choice out there. As a parent, you should definitely get a good feel of their desires. Based on such information, you and an interior design professional will find it much easier to choose colours, accessories and furniture that will make a young individual happy.

Don’t hesitate to get professional assistance for the creation of a beautiful and practical space for your child. Companies like Home Guide have sufficient experience with residential interior design in Singapore. Our portfolio is diversified enough and we have worked with numerous parents who want to make their little boys and girls happy.

Do take some time to think about what you’d like to accomplish through the interior design project. Contact us to share the idea with us. Even if you’re not 100 per cent confident, we can help you develop and execute the right concept for your Singapore flat.

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