Differences between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

Differences between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

Very often, the terms interior design and interior decorating are used interchangeably. But are they one and the same thing? The short answer is no.

Interior designers and decorators are different professionals. Both have their specific knowledge and capability to execute certain kinds of projects. So, what expert should you partner with depends on what you are trying to achieve To answer that question, we have to take a look at the main differences between interior design and decorating.

What Is Interior Design?

The term home interior design refers to making the most of internal spaces inside a home. In a sense, you can consider an interior designer an inside “architect” who aims to give you functional and aesthetically-pleasing interiors.

As a discipline, interior design is based on seven elements – colour, form, light, line, pattern, texture and space. Keeping all these elements balanced is essential to make an interior of a home harmonious, beautiful and cohesive.

To bring these elements together, an interior designer will have to take an all-encompassing, even structural look at the space. That’s why interior designers often work with architects and construction contractors to modify aspects of a flat deemed less than optimal.

Depending on their expertise and interests, interior designers can specialise in a couple of niche areas. There is the residential interior design company who work on homes and most types of residential buildings. Many interior designers can also specialise in the realms of commercial, retail and even industrial interior design.

What Is Home Decorating?

Decorating is a lot more focused on styling a flat for aesthetic purposes. Interior decorators can choose furniture, accessories, art and decorative elements for the various rooms in the house. Keep in mind, however, these professionals lack the qualifications required to carry out renovations and complete structural changes.

Most decorators specialise in furniture placement for layout enhancement, the selection of suitable colour schemes, the selection of paint and wallpaper for each room, window treatments, art selection, coming up with cohesive decorative combinations (textiles, art, furnishings, finishing touches), etc.

So, here’s a quick way to summarise the differences – interior designers enhance living spaces and they could decorate as a part of their job. Decorators, however, don’t have the qualifications or licensing to design and execute changes that involve structural elements.

Should I Hire an Interior Designer or a Decorator?

Now that you know the differences, you probably already have some idea about the professional team you need to hire for your home improvement project.

Before starting to look for project execution, decide exactly what you need.

Will you need to change aspects of plumbing, electrical wiring, window placement, flooring, ceiling or the flat’s layout? Will you need to hire contractors for different aspects of getting the job done? If that’s the case, working with an interior designer is going to be the best choice. This professional is going to plan the execution, they’ll manage the execution and even recommend the right contractors who will give you the best results. the best outcome would to hire an home interior design company that is also an experienced home renovation contractor.

If you only need to get things touched up aesthetically, a decorator would be a suitable choice.

As already mentioned, however, some interior designers can handle aspects of getting your home redecorated. The good thing here is that an interior designer will have a more thorough approach towards aesthetic home changes. The knowledge and experience with structural work can easily impact a space revamping in a practical, highly functional way.

It’s Not Just About the Job Description

There’s one more important thing we have to mention about choosing a qualified interior designer or decorator.

It’s not just about the description of either job. A good execution is heavily dependent on the reputation, skills and experience of the professional you’re about to hire.

A good home interior designer or interior decorator should have enough experience with a project like the one you’re about to carry out. That’s why doing your research, checking credentials, taking a look at portfolios and meeting the team in person to ask some questions will both be very, very important.

When you shortlist a couple of professionals, do get quotes from all of them. Having that information on top of everything you’ve learned while doing your research will simplify the process of making the right choice and feeling confident about your selection.

Don’t be fooled by offers and low price tags. Often, these can cost you a lot more money than what you’re going to save by opting for the most inexpensive quote. Good quality has its cost and if you select the right price to quality ratio, you’ll see the best possible return on investment in the years to come.

If you’re looking for comprehensive home upgrades that will personalise your living space and bring its best features forward, contact Home Guide now. Through the years, we’ve acquired an excellent reputation and a huge portfolio. We know what we’re doing an we know what you want. Let’s get together and create something magical, a home that you’d love to come back to in the end of every busy work day.

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