Do You Have a Guest Room? Give It the Perfect Makeover

Do You Have a Guest Room? Give It the Perfect Makeover

A guest room is an absolute real estate asset to have in your home. Not only does it increase the value of a flat, it also allows you to host friends and loved ones. A perfect guest room isn’t the same as a regular bedroom. It needs to have a couple of additional amenities that make visitors feel right at home.

If you’re thinking about turning a space into a guest room or upgrading an existing one, you’ll have to consider several essentials before starting your home renovation. The perfect makeover is dependent on several key choices and here are a few of the things you can focus on.

A Great Bed Is Important (but It’s Not the Only Essential)

There are certain design and décor elements you should splurge on if you have that opportunity.

A great bed is an absolute essential for a guest room. Choose a solid, comfortable and well-made bed that will ensure quality sleep and relaxation. When they’re away from home, most people feel uncomfortable (even if they’re spending the night at the place of someone they love).  This is why quality matters when a bed, mattress and pillow are being chosen.

Amazing guest bedroom design, however, does extend beyond the bed.

You should focus on several other elements to give visitors the perfect experience. The mattress and pillow have already been mentioned. The same applies to quality bedsheets, a fluffy duvet and a blanket.

Several other key elements you should introduce in the guest bedroom include a small desk and a chair (especially important if guests are going to be staying at your place for a longer period of time), a nightstand equipped with a reading lamp, a few drawers or a closet for the placement of clothes. Having a couple of hooks on the wall will also be beneficial for the hanging of a bathrobe, a cardigan or some towels. And yes, such little touches do matter as far as creating comfort!

Cosiness Through Textiles

The number one thing a guest bedroom should be is cosy.

Cosiness is fairly easy to achieve, especially through the addition of the right textile elements.

A sufficient number of throw pillows is a great choice. These add comfort to the bed and they can also be used for back support whenever someone’s sitting on a chair or a sofa.

Rugs and carpets are also very important. They create some shabby chic and work really well with all kinds of flooring – from natural wood to tiles and stone. Carpets and rugs don’t have to be expensive and handmade to give that home comfort. The right colour selection and warm, fluffy materials can easily transform the most sterile space into a welcoming home.

Finally, do focus on quality bath towels. Making sure your guests have enough of those will encourage them to relax and make the most of the stay (whether they need to have a quick facial cleanse in the morning or a spa-like shower experience in the evening).

Little Things Have a Big Impact (No Need to Spend a Ton on the Transformation)

You may think that designing a guest room is going to cost you a fortune but usually, this isn’t the case.

Experienced Singaporean interior design professionals will tell you that an upgrade isn’t about the extensiveness and cost of the renovation. It’s all about the strategic execution of little changes that have a big impact.

We already mentioned the fact that home-like comfort is achieved through the little finishing touches in the guest room. These are the elements to pay attention to if you want people to feel completely welcomed at your space.

A beautiful vase with fresh flowers on the nightstand will instantly uplift the atmosphere in the guest room. It’s a tiny thing but it has a profound effect on room design.

The same applies to scents – don’t underestimate their power. Scented candles and essential oils can promote a certain mood. Cinnamon is associated with home cooking, baking and comfort. Lavender is a relaxing scent that most people enjoy. The same applies to the scent of coffee or citrus fruits. Using aromatics as a part of interior design will add yet another dimension to the décor.

Turn It into a Multi-Purpose Space

Let’s face it – unless you have a very, very active social life, you probably don’t use the guest room all of the time.

This fact makes it the perfect space for the execution of a multi-purpose concept.

A guest room can easily double as a home office whenever you don’t have someone staying over. It can also be a hobby or an art area – the colours and creative pieces will only add to the beauty and the warmth of the design.

If you’re going to be putting together a multi-purpose space, try your best not to make the guest room a dumping ground for unnecessary stuff. The right storage solutions will be vital to help you put stuff away and welcome visitors in a tidy and properly organised room.

Your guest room design upgrade allows for many great concepts to be executed. For an optimal outcome, pick one idea and stick though with it. This way, you’ll have focus and a clear vision when renovating.

If such a vision is still missing, contact Home Guide now. We are a home interior design company that can conceptualise an home interior design project on your behalf from scratch or take a vague idea you have and create a solid concept from it.

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