Does the Selection of the Right Colours Boost Workplace Productivity

Does the Selection of the Right Colours Boost Workplace Productivity

Beautiful office interior design accomplishes a range of goals. It creates a great atmosphere, it enforces a brand message and it also helps to boost recognition. Interior design choices, however, shouldn’t be made for solely aesthetic and visual purposes. Many aspects of office design could actually impact the work process.

The choice of colours for the interior can accomplish many things. There is even some evidence that certain tones could boost the productivity of company employees.

How Office Colours Impact Productivity

The manner in which colours act on productivity is very simple. Most Singapore interior design companies are aware of the theory and they utilise it whenever commercial interior design work has to be done.

Colours impact the mood of people who spend a lot of time in the respective environment. They can be calming, they can cause anxiety or feelings of sadness. Grey, beige and other subdued colours tend to be perceived as boring by most people. Thus, such tones can stifle productivity if they dominate the office ambiance.

According to a study performed by University of Texas researchers, beige, grey and white cause feelings of sadness and even depression. The effect was more pronounced among women. Purple and orange also had a negative effect and they caused gloomy feelings (especially among men).

Vibrant and stimulating tones tend to have a positive impact on creativity, focus and problem solving skills. Thus, the best office is bright and cheerful. There’s a wide choice of colours. This means it will be relatively easy to find at least one tone that fits the overall commercial renovation project.

Studies suggest that natural colours like green and blue have a calming effect. As a result, they enhance the focus of people who have to perform complex tasks. Colours in the red and orange range are inspiring and fiery. They’re more linked to creative thought. In addition, spending time in such an environment can make employees feel energised.

Yellow, according to psychologists, is the colour of optimism. Thus, it is yet another excellent choice for freshening up your Singapore office. The intensity of the tone and whether it is going to be warmer or colder is entirely up to you and your interior designer.

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Is There Any Evidence of Such Claims?

The University of Texas study presented in the section above is one of the few clinical trials focusing on the psychological effect of colours.

One thing is certain – humans are heavily affected by their environment. It’s sad to say that another survey had more than 60 per cent of UK office workers describing their office as drab. At the same time, 80 per cent of the questioned people responded that colour was very important when it came to their positive mood at the office.

If you have ever taken a look at pictures of corporate giant offices, you probably have noticed that they’re bright and vivid. Google, for example, did a test to find out whether interior design tone suggestion had any impact on the performance of its employees.

The Google experiment, as presented in a CBS report, suggested that purple was the colour that had the most negative impact on the experts working in the company. This finding comes in line with what the University of Texas researchers discovered.

Chances are that you will find it difficult to run an A/B test by going for different colours throughout the work space. Still, you can talk to specialists that provide interior design services in the commercial field. They know what it takes to turn an office into a happy place, a place that people would love to come to in the morning. Colour selection will obviously be one of the biggest essentials for accomplishing the goal.

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Take Your Time, Determine How to Use Colour

The best thing about Singapore office design is that you’re not limited to a single option.

Every room or part of the office can be decorated in a specific way.

If you have an accounting team, for example, blue or green surroundings will be a great pick. Red is an excellent choice for the conference room where brainstorming sessions will be taking place. The rest area may be yellow because of the positivity and the energising effect of this colour.

A combination between paint, accessories, textures and different materials can create a harmonious ambiance that is not dominated by a single tone. To accomplish such a goal, however, you will have to opt for the Singapore interior design team that has sufficient experience and that also has a perfect grasp of colour theory.

Remember that your employees are not the only people who will be seeing the office. It will be the place where meetings with clients, potential business partners and even investors are going to take place. The outcome of such meetings is of paramount importance and they should definitely take place in the right ambiance.

The theory of colour psychology is not new but there are still many questions about it and its applicability. One thing is certain – a bland, drab and boring office is not the place that will inspire innovative thinking and progress.

Freshening up the interior doesn’t have to be an extensive and costly project. The right Singapore interior design professionals will handle the task by understanding your goals and suggesting a personalised solution. Colour selection will obviously be taken in consideration.

Home Guide was set up in 1992 and ever since, we have worked on an array of office projects. Over the years, we have sharpened our skills and we have gained a lot of practical experience about the solutions that work best for companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us  today and let us know what you’re looking for. We will be more than honoured to be tasked with transforming your office, enhancing employee morale and boosting productivity.

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