Does Your Home Need a Reading Room? Here’s How to Get One

Does Your Home Need a Reading Room? Here’s How to Get One

You can easily read a book or a magazine in your living room but having a dedicated reading space at home is going to be so much fun! The idea makes sense for literature lovers and people in possession of a large book collection. In such cases, designing a reading room will turn into an absolute pleasure.

Even if your home is fairly small and you cannot dedicate an entire room to the activity, having a reading nook will make a lot of sense.

Such a functional space can be designed in just about every kind of flat, so let your home interior design company know that you need a reading space carved out, even if it is a 2-room BTO renovation. If you don’t know how to get started with the project, check out the following tips and ideas.

Keep Style Elements Down to a Minimum

Having an entire library in your flat is probably not feasible due to space constraints. That’s why keeping design minimal when creating a reading nook is usually a good approach.

The bookshelves are the highlight of your reading room. The same applies to beautiful books arranged in a way that you enjoy. These two elements should be the stars of the show and you don’t need anything else to create an enjoyable décor.

Open, minimalist shelves are perfect for a reading area in a smaller flat. Even if you have a big space, you can still opt for clean shelving and just the books being displayed on it. There’s no need for glass doors or bulkier cabinets. A beautiful collection on display doesn’t need any kind of highlight in order to shine.

The only other element you’ll need for an enjoyable reading experience is comfortable seating. A fluffy armchair, a loveseat or a sofa will complete the arrangement. If you’re an avid reader, chances are that you’ll spend a lot of time in this space. That’s why investing in comfortable, high quality furniture will quickly pay off.

Replicate the Style of an Actual Library

Have you ever been to a public library? If so, you know it has a very distinctive vibe that bookworms most definitely enjoy.

Bringing the library to your home is possible through the power of interior design, even if you’re going to be creating just a reading niche.

Floor to ceiling wall bookcases are an obvious choice for such a design. These make sense for people who have large book collections in need of being displayed. Custom-made furniture will usually be the best choice because it will accommodate for the size of the collection and the dimensions of the reading space.

Having a study desk and a chair in this area can also be amazing. If you choose such furniture, you’ll have a reading room and a home office in one. Whether you need to do a bit of research or you’re looking for some quiet time, the library design will match your needs perfectly. It’s up to you to decide whether the space will feature a computer and other gadgets or if it’s going to be entirely technology-free.

Pay Attention to Lights

There’s one more element we haven’t discussed but that’s essential to the reading experience.

Good lighting is vital to enjoy a book or a magazine without straining your eyes.

You will need a functional light positioned right above the reading chair. An old-school standing lamp may be a good choice, depending on the interior design style you’ve chosen for the space. Alternatively, functional lights and spotlights can be built into the ceiling as part of home renovation and turned on or off at the flick of a switch.

Also, you should be getting enough natural light in the reading space. That’s why you need to position the area strategically. Having a nearby window is optimal. If that’s not possible, bring light into the area through the use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

Have a Creative Space and a Reading Room in One

Your reading room could also be a space where you unleash your creativity.

Do you enjoy writing, painting, photography or another creative activity? If you do, your reading room could also give you the zone where you’ll practice that hobby.

A few pops of colour, stencilled wall art a large table in the middle of the space and even your own creations displayed boldly (on the walls or on stands) can give the reading room vibrancy and character. You don’t have to go neutral or serious in order to make your reading room perfect. Sometimes, a lighter and a bit more modern approach would be optimal.

You can also feature some of your artistic supplies and hobby items alongside the books on the shelves. That would add even more fun to your reading room, giving you inspiration to get creative whenever you have the urge to do so.

Finally, do understand the fact that a very small area can be transformed in a peaceful reading corner. Movable partitions and the bookcases themselves will easily designate the reading nook and create some visual separation from the rest of the home.

If you’re interested in designing a reading room that you’d enjoy your favourite activity in, you should consider contacting Home Guide. We understand functional home areas and we can execute those to perfection. Check out our residential portfolio for a better idea about the Home Guide home interior design and space planning expertise and the range of projects we’ve worked on in the past as a renovation contractor.

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