Doing a Bedroom Makeover in a Few Hours: Mission (Im)Possible?

Doing a Bedroom Makeover in a Few Hours: Mission (Im)Possible?

Planning and executing the perfect bedroom renovation can take days, even weeks. As a space for relaxation and peacefulness, the bedroom needs to have a meticulously chosen layout, the right materials furniture and accessories. So what happens if you need to spruce things up quickly? And by quickly we mean in just a couple of hours!

Such a bedroom makeover can be carried out if you follow a few important rules. The biggest essentials include the selection of strategic changes that deliver a big impact without necessitating a ton of work. Here are a few such upgrades that can work tremendously well for just about any bedroom.

Get the Right Textiles

Changing the textiles that are presently available in your bedroom can lead to a massive difference in the way the room looks.

You see, textiles don’t just add colour and functionality to a bedroom. They also bring textures and patterns to the space. These can be delicate and elegant or bold and daring. Choosing textiles that are radically different in texture and pattern from what you have will make your bedroom unrecognisable.

For a sleek and chic look, go for linen, satin and silk. These fabrics are ideal choices for bedcovers and bedsheets, throw pillows and even curtains. A bit of cosy texture can always be added in the form of a shaggy rug to throw in front of the bed.

When it comes to colours and patterns, choose something that will complement the main bedroom scheme or contrast it altogether. Usually, patterns for bedrooms tend to be less prominent – florals, geometrics and nature-inspired patterns will all look great. If you want something a bit bolder, opt for colour splatters or something art-inspired.

Change Up Wall Colour

This tip is valid for all spaces and it can produce such a dramatic difference that we had to include it among the top ideas for a bedroom remodel.

Changing the wall colour is one of the easiest ways to instantly freshen things up and change the interior design of the bedroom.

You can go for a colour that’s similar to what you previously had in the bedroom (if you’re not keen on changing the colour scheme altogether) or you can opt for a completely different tone. While there are certain colours that are considered bedroom classics (white, beige, pastels, natural tones), you can always pick something a bit more unorthodox.

Some paints also have a finish that will add another layer to the execution. Matte tones are a great choice for the bedroom. Metallic finishes will work well as accents to highlight certain parts of the room that you’d like to draw attention to.

Upcycle the Current Bedroom Furniture

Instead of looking for new furniture –a process that can often take months – consider upcycling the items that you already have in your home.

The term upcycling refers to reusing existing objects in a way that adds more quality to them. To upcycle, you can have old furniture sanded and varnished, painted or transformed in a way that changes its purpose. Some upcycling projects are a lot more complex than that but since you have just a few hours to carry out the makeover, these wouldn’t be discussed.

If you’re a complete novice in the world of upcycling, a coat of paint or varnish will get the job done. A bit of twine wrapped around the back and legs of a chair will instantly give you Mediterranean or eclectic vibes. A few other ways to upcycle bedroom furniture include turning a desk into a pair of nightstands, creating a vanity from an old mirror and transforming a dresser drawer into a planter (which will change its purpose and also bring a bit of greenery to your bedroom).

In case you need some additional ideas, do go through Pinterest. There, you’ll find hundreds of upcycling projects. Some of them feature step-by-step illustrations that make project completion so much easier.

Glow Up the Lighting

Here’s one final home renovation approach that can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your bedroom.

Switching out the existing lights will immediately modify the ambiance in the room. And since you tend to spend a lot of time in the bedroom after dark, the selection of the right lights is very important.

Replace the main light with a fixture that adds a bit of texture and even colour. Rather than being a functional light, this one sets the mood. This is why you can get a bit whimsical with the selection.

New nightstand lamps will give you functional light and their appearance will also add to the overall transformation. Go modern and minimalist, go vintage – it’s really up to you and the theme you’re trying to bring into the bedroom.

If you need to carry out a bedroom renovation fast, here’s one final suggestion for you – get professional assistance.

DIY projects tend to be very time-consuming, especially if you lack the professional knowledge to act quickly and effectively.

With Home Guide, you’ll have your bedroom transformed and upgraded in no time. We know what to do to create maximum impact in minimum time. Contact Home Guide now and we’ll power through the renovation together!

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