Easy Tips to Get the Look of a Celebrity Home

Easy Tips to Get the Look of a Celebrity Home

Who’s your favourite celebrity and how much do you know about their lifestyle? Have you checked out the magazines for more information on their home? Have you secretly imagined yourself in a luxurious, celebrity-inspired space?

Getting the look of a celebrity home doesn’t have to cost you millions. It’s much more about clever choices, effective styling, the selection of the right materials and colours. Working with an experienced Singapore interior design teams can deliver results beyond what you would have considered possible.

And if you’re looking for some basic tips to introduce the celebrity concept to your living space, look no further.

Choose Unique Furniture Pieces

Here’s the biggest secret of achieving the celebrity look in your home – the rich and famous usually don’t go for mass-manufactured pieces.

Many celebrities and their designers choose custom furniture, antique items, collectables and one of a kind décor pieces.

The best way to achieve the same “status” in your home involves hunting for treasures that don’t look as if they could be discovered in about 100 furniture stores.

Again – it’s about the look and not the price tag. You don’t need designer furniture to get the feel of expensive, artistic uniqueness. Just choose funky, exciting items with a bit of personality. If they match your aesthetics and they feel quirky/different/authentic, you can certainly bring them home.

Vintage stores will give you access to so many incredible finds worth treasuring in the years to come. It’s even possible to come across authentic antiques that are beyond reasonably priced.

Alternatively, get furniture custom created for you. This is an especially good idea if you like a certain designer item that you can’t afford. A carpenter can create an option carrying a similar spirit at a fraction of the cost.

Have Fun with Art

Art is another beautiful element that can add uniqueness to your space.

There are no rules when it comes to artwork selection. In other words, you don’t need a genuine Picasso to make your home look lavish and expensive.

It’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to honour the work of a talented local artist or if you’re going to get a print of an acclaimed piece that you really enjoy. Furthermore, you don’t have to limit the choice to paintings alone. Sketches, posters (even vintage ones), photographs, sculptural pieces, woodcarvings – all of them can add some colour and uniqueness to the space being decorated.

With art, it’s important to be selective and to curate the pieces that you display. Don’t go for quantity. Choose a couple of really impactful and meaningful artworks to display in your home. Make them the star of the show – keep the rest of the design clean and minimal. When featured alongside interesting furniture pieces, artworks can really elevate a rather simple interior design concept.

Luxurious Fabrics

A couple of textile décor elements also have the power to stand out. Curtains rank among the most impressive ones.

If you have the budget for it, choose curtains made of lavish fabrics like velvet, linen and even silk.

The very same concept can be used in the bedroom – one of the places that feature the most textiles. High quality bedsheets, spreads and duvets don’t just look good. They’ll also give you a ton of comfort and a chance to relax wholesomely in the end of a busy way. If there’s one thing to splurge on when decorating, linens would be it.

Opulent Chandeliers, Modern Light Fixtures

What’s the one thing that stands out when a celebrity home walkthrough is shown on TV? Usually, there’s a massive chandelier hanging in the mansion’s entryway. It makes an immediate statement and its sparkles are impossible to miss.

Light fixtures are very important for both functional and aesthetic reasons. A beautiful chandelier is a piece that can instantly turn a simple room into a luxurious one. There’s simply something incredibly attractive in the way that the chandelier elements reflect the light and glitter like pieces of jewellery.

If a traditional heavy chandelier isn’t your thing and you’d like to go for a modern celebrity home, approach light fixture selection in the way you’d pick furniture.

Avant-garde, modern pieces that don’t look cookie cutter are the safest bet. Luckily, stores today offer a huge range of light fixtures – from simple and modest to very impactful. But don’t just look at the shell and the exterior. The way in which a fixture is going to interact with the light will also need to be considered. You need a well-lit home that has a warm glow. Hence, fixtures that have a dimming or a dulling effect aren’t optimal (unless you’re choosing those to create some ambiance lighting).

Don’t Get Too Caught Up on Replicating a Concept

Trying to replicate your favourite celebrity’s home in your flat to a tee is only going to cheapen the concept.

You have to select improvements that are personalised and that match the specifics of the space.

A celebrity home is more about the spirit and much less about the individual pieces (or their price).

If you don’t know how to create a comprehensive idea that works well with your flat, call for some reinforcements. Home Guide’s home renovation team knows what it takes to add a touch of luxury to interior design. Contact Home Guide now and you’ll soon be diving deep into the celebrity experience.

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