Encourage Exercise in the Office Through Furniture Selection and Smart Design Choices

Encourage Exercise in the Office Through Furniture Selection and Smart Design Choices

Working at an office for at least eight hours per day promotes a sedentary lifestyle. The lack of exercise is bad for one’s health and it could also contribute to subpar professional performance.

If you’re planning for a new office interior design and carry out a remodelling project, you should consider ways to encourage activity. Choosing the right furniture and a few other clever considerations will enable employees to become more active, happier and more productive.

Posture Improvement Stools Are an Essential

Singapore interior designers who have sufficient experience with modern office projects will suggest furniture that is especially designed for the purpose of maintaining activity levels. The replacement of traditional office chairs with exercise balls is one such choice. A pilates ball works the core and the back. It promotes good posture while a person is working on a computer.

The same applies to posture improvement stools. These are a great choice for the kitchen, a chill-out area or a meeting room.

Posture improvement stools work in a manner similar to the pilates ball. It is a piece of furniture designed for passive workout. The core will be activated and the stool can also contribute to better posture. The only downsides of such stools are that they’re not suitable for day-long use and they’re also not ideal for working on a desk (whether traditional or standing).

Placing Ellipticals Under the Desks

When working with your Singapore interior design company, you should also consider the acquisition of basic gym equipment that will work well in office settings.

Weights are a great choice for every office. They come in a range of colours and weights, they don’t occupy a lot of space and they can be used to do a range of basic exercises while sitting at a desk or moving around in the office.

Minimalist elliptical machines are another great choice. These are designed for placement under the desk, enabling activity throughout the day. Ellipticals are very silent and they will not interfere with the professional process. While such equipment is somewhat costly, the acquisition can pay off in the form of higher employee morale and reduced turnover rates.

If you don’t have the budget to get such fitness equipment for every desk in the office, create a special activity corner for those who would like to exercise while working. Employees can use the part of the office for an hour or two, allowing somebody else to try out the equipment afterwards.

Flexible Desks

One of the best furniture acquisitions for an innovative flexible office! A flexible desk is a great choice, regardless of the office interior design theme you’re opting for. Even if you’re not interested in a modernist/minimalist office renovation, a flexible desk will still be a good choice that will fit the traditional corporate environment.

A flexible desk can easily transform into a standing work station.

A standing work station enables workers to stretch their legs and complete tasks in a standing position. Standing up while working can relieve back stress, strengthen the bones, reduce the risk of stiffness and even contribute to better circulation.

Most flexible desks can be adjusted to several heights, making them a good choice for most employees. If you are about to acquire new furniture, this is the possibility you should be looking forward to. While a bit more expensive than a standard desk, a flexible desk can impact employee happiness and it will also impact the brand identity you’re trying to create for your business.

Get Balance Disks if You Don’t Want to Purchase New Chairs

Even if the office interior design project does not envision the acquisition of new furniture, you can get simple accessories that will transform older pieces into activity stations.

Do you have good office chairs that you don’t want to replace at the time being? If this is the case, you should definitely get balance disks. These cost very little and they’re ideal for a bit of passive exercise.

A balance disk is a seat topper that prevents you from sitting flat on the surface. Because of the shape, you will have to balance while sitting. Attempting to balance on the disk will activate the core, thigh, back and even buttock muscles.

These disks come with several settings that can be adjusted depending on the difficulty level you want to achieve. The firmness of the disk is the one that changes to make the balancing act much more challenging for those who would like to take their office exercise routine to the extreme.

All of these suggestions are aimed at being budget friendly, while enabling you to create a modern and functional office. If you have a larger amount to spend on the transformation of your workspace, there will be dozens of other possibilities to explore. The market features products like treadmill desks that are specifically designed for office workers and that enable gentle exercise while people are engaging in their everyday duties.

Talk to your interior designer about the goal you have and the ways in which you think it can be accomplished. Experienced Singapore interior designers have excellent knowledge of the market and the solutions that can be used to enhance activity levels.

Do not hesitate to contact professionals like the Home Guide team. We have worked on dozens of office interior design projects – from simple renovations to complete overhauls. We know what the modern worker is looking for and how the goal can be accomplished.

Encouraging activity at the office doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. If you’ve never explored active furniture or gym equipment designed for the needs of professionals, we will guide you through the possibilities. Together, we will pinpoint the options that match the office design and that also fall within your budget.

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