Enforcing Your Corporate Culture Through the Right Office Interior Design

Enforcing Your Corporate Culture Through the Right Office Interior Design

Your office is a space where workers spend most of the day in. Hence, this space should be comfortable and capable of stimulating productivity. An office, however, can also be used to enforce your corporate culture. It can highlight the key essentials you believe in – cooperation, perfectionism, innovation and team work.

Office interior design can accomplish a lot in terms of setting the right work tone and telling workers which values matter the most inside the organisation. Corporate values, missions and believes can be highlighted in numerous ways. Some techniques are universally applicable across workplaces in Singapore.

Put Emphasis on Comfort

All companies want to show employees they’re being valued and appreciated.

Putting together a comfortable workspace is one of the best ways to tell valuable employees “thank you.”

Comfortable office interior design encourages people to spend more time at their workplace and to be engaged. The good news is that comfort can be achieved in so many distinctive ways.

The acquisition of modern, ergonomic furniture is just one of the options. Your office interior design could also put emphasis on relaxation areas, community spaces where people can collaborate and little personal spaces that will produce a bit of privacy, even if you opt for an open-space office design.

Choose Engaging Interior Design Solutions

Getting people to engage with the corporate culture is one of the essentials for preventing distance and detachment.

It’s very important to include every single employee into shaping up the face of the business. This goal can be accomplished through the selection of the right office interior design.

Here’s a simple example of what corporate culture engagement entails. Let’s say your office is all about innovation. If so, you can have augmented or virtual reality wall displays that change on the basis of the feedback received from the observer.

Apart from being cool and in line with the company’s most dearly held values, such office designs can also be used to educate. In some instances, getting people to engage will provide valuable feedback about the needs and the preferences of the workforce. As a result, the office design and the overall workplace environment can be tweaked even further.

Collaborative Spaces

Effective communication between workers and between departments is the heart and soul of productivity.

Collaboration can be encouraged effortlessly through clever office interior design.

A Singapore interior design company like Home guide that specialise in the field of commercial solutions know that very little is required to get people engaging with each other.

A well-designed office kitchen with a few appliances creates the right informal settings for a lunchtime conversation. If you want to encourage collaboration in a more professional way, there could be a brainstorming corner. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a conference room. Large bean bags, little coffee tables and even hammocks or swings create a cool and fun space where people can let loose and get those creative juices flowing.

Collaborative spaces should be designed in a way as to not interfere with other aspects of the work process. Hence, they should be located adequately. In some instances, noise isolation solutions will also have to be employed to ensure a great collaborative space that doesn’t stand in the way of other people’s concentration efforts.

Creative and Artistic Interiors

Concentration and strategic thinking are both determining for the success of every business. So is creative thought, however.

Modern office interior designs show just how valuable creative thought is. They provide solutions and accessories that employees could rely on to brainstorm, record their ideas and share new concepts with others.

Turning an entire wall into a whiteboard for scribbling and sketching is one simple example of an office ambiance that encourages creativity and thinking outside the box.

Artwork, greenery and well-furnished meeting rooms also contribute to the more creative and artistic side of the office interior.

Even if the corporation operates in a traditionally “creativity-free” industry like finance, for example, a little bit of warmth and imagination inside the office can be beneficial. Artistic interiors break things up and they take away from the sterility of the corporate space. Hence, such interiors can encourage innovative thinking and help employees come with breakthrough solutions for pressing problems.

A Little Bit of Fun

Every single person should be having a bit of fun at the office.

An interior design that’s somewhat quirky and light-hearted can easily maximise engagement and the amount of time people spend at the office.

Contemporary offices always have at least one innovative, fun or exciting corner. A meditation room is the perfect place for a bit of afternoon relaxation. You can also have a sports corner that features darts, table tennis, a treadmill or a recumbent bike.

You can even put together an art room or an anti-stress space with gentle music and massage tables.

It’s really up to you to decide which fun and unorthodox idea is the best match to your work culture. Discussing such opportunities with the interior design team working on your project will help you fine-tune the concept even further and focus on an execution that makes sense and that will get your employees excited.
These are just a few simple examples of office interior design solutions that highlight certain aspects of corporate culture. Obviously, you can go in a completely different direction to make the biggest values a priority.

The interior design team you’ll be partnering up with is going to examine your company’s history but it may also be a good idea to give them an overview of your mission, values and beliefs. This way, decorations and functional solutions will be chosen to correspond to your corporate identity.

Lastly, the experience of interior design teams matters.

If you want to have your vision brought to reality, you have to pick a Singapore interior design company with an extensive portfolio and background history. Home Guide has worked on numerous office projects and we know what it takes to make the corporate culture and the brand identity a priority. Contact us today to give your business the corporate space it deserves.

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