Everything You Need to Know about Chandeliers for Your Home

Everything You Need to Know about Chandeliers for Your Home

A chandelier is one of the most versatile and beautiful statement pieces you can ever add to your home. Most people imagine large crystal chandeliers when this kind of decoration is being brought up but classic isn’t the only way to go.

Chandeliers come in so many shapes and sizes – some are minimalist, some are modern and a couple of products even feature futuristic and abstract designs. Choosing a chandelier that’s just right for your home is all about trusting your instinct and knowing what you’re drawn to.

Still, you could be uncertain about this addition to your home interior design that makes the most sense for your Singaporean home. In that case, we have a couple of pointers that will guide you through the selection and installation of a chandelier that’s a perfect match for your living space.

Know Where You’re Going to Place the Chandelier

Before looking for an actual product, you’ll have to decide where in your home the chandelier’s going to be installed. This is probably the most important choice you’ll have to make and it’s going to impact everything else pertaining to the selection.

Chandeliers are statement pieces. They’re best suited for placement in larger rooms and areas where people tend to come together. Hence, the living or the dining room are two of the most common choices for chandelier installation.

The chandelier is a three-dimensional piece (unlike a painting, for example). Thus, it should be visible from all sides for the biggest impact. When the placement is central and open, even a smaller chandelier can make a “wow” statement – the effect you’re probably going for.

Size and Scale Considerations

Now that you know where the chandelier’s going to go, you have to pick the right size.

A massive chandelier in a small room will make the space appear even more cramped and tiny. On the other hand, a tiny chandelier in a large open space will look misplaced and inappropriate. In the world of interior design, scale and proper sizing happen to be incredibly important. A great piece of home décor should be just right for the particular room and its dimensions.

So, is the chandelier going to be the star of the show in the specific room? In that case, go for a large and bold piece. If it’s just going to be playing a “supporting” role, more discrete and less massive would be a better pick.

Obviously, there isn’t a concrete formula when it comes to choosing chandelier size. Do, however, try to imagine what the impact of such a piece is going to be. Having a clear idea about it may be difficult before you install a fixture. If you don’t try to come up with some concept, however, you could end up with a product that’s wrong in all ways.

If you don’t know how to make scale and perspective choices, an experienced home interior design company like Home Guide could help. Partnering up with such a professional will keep you from spending a ton on money on something that you’ll eventually end up hating in the future.

What Style is Right for You?

Now we’re getting to the real fun part of chandelier shopping.

With so many styles and choices, you’ll probably feel like a kid in a candy store when shopping for light fixtures.

Should you go for a traditional and highly ornate crystal chandelier or something a bit more space-age? What material is right? Do you need an artistic statement piece that falls within the baroque or rococo stylistic range?

Look for a bit of guidance in the overall interior design concept you’ve picked for your home.

If you’re going for clean and minimalist, abstract and futuristic is going to be best. On the other hand, a cosier home design will call for a traditional chandelier that adds both light and a bit of ornate essence to the décor.

There are many in-between choices, as well. Chrome finishes, for example, are linked to modern light fixtures. Copper is more traditional. Bronze finishes are considered traditional and they often bring together modern and traditional elements for a more balanced look.

You can also go for eclectic interior design that brings modern and retro together. Executing such a concept, however, isn’t easy. If you don’t know what you’re going for, you’ll end up with a fragmented hodgepodge of items that don’t really go together. Eclectic is difficult to pull out so do plan in advance and consult an interior designer to elevate the original idea.

Expensive Isn’t Always Best!

Many people commit the serious mistake of thinking that spending more on home décor will guarantee them a more stylish outcome.

This isn’t always the case.

Many incredibly expensive items are kitschy and in poor taste. Hence, spending a ton of money on a really expensive chandelier isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

Style and aesthetics are based on being true to yourself and recognising pieces that ring true to your understanding of beauty. The price tag isn’t determining. You don’t need the most expensive chandelier to get beautiful light and some decorative appeal at home. In fact, vintage and minimalist items can often give you the outcome that many try to accomplish through the purchase of designer pieces.

It’s best to have a general idea for all the light fixtures at home and how they’re going to fit within the interior design. If you don’t have such a concept, contact Home Guide now for an interior design consultation. We’ll guide you through décor selection and we’ll plan a comprehensive home renovation project that will meet all your requirements.

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