Finding Pinterest Inspiration to Get Better Interior Design Project Outcomes

Finding Pinterest Inspiration to Get Better Interior Design Project Outcomes

Feeling inspired and knowing exactly what you want to do during a home renovation can be difficult when an abundance of options exists. There are so many materials, colours, designs, textures and accessories to choose among today! How can you narrow the list down to just a few, well-chosen home improvements?

In a world of digital media, many people take it to Pinterest to discover inspiration.

The leading visual social network has turned into a giant home renovation catalogue. You can easily discover concepts and executions to fall in love with.

Making the most of Pinterest interior design ideas, however, is all about being selective and utilising your critical thinking.

Communicating ideas with your Singapore interior designer is also a major part of the deal. An interior design professional will tell you just how suited the concept is to your living space and whether it’s going to require funds beyond your budget.

Finding Pinterest interior design inspiration can be a highly beneficial process if you follow a few simple steps.

Begin Your Search

Pinterest allows you to do an image search on the basis of keywords. As you discover more images and you save (pin them) to your personal board, you’ll start getting suggestions that are in line with the images you’ve viewed already.

The good news is that Pinterest will soon also start offering a localised experience. With the opening of its Singapore office in July 2019, the leading image social network aims to give local users a more relevant experience.

All you need to do to get started is open up a Pinterest account and use the search bar to seek for interior design images. The ones you like can be saved to your board for further review. It’s also possible to add images you find online to your Pinterest board for the purpose of expanding the range of ideas.

sign Up For Pinterest For Home Interior Design Inspiration Ideas

Narrow It Down

If you just go for a keyword like “bedroom interior design,” you’ll be swarmed by ideas that go all over the board (both figuratively and literally in Pinterest terms). This is why you have to narrow down the search criteria a little bit.

There are several ways to approach your research. The first option involves hiring a Singapore interior design company team to discuss your needs and get suggestions. After your interior designer gives you a theme, you can search Pinterest images to discover the exact execution you like.

Alternatively, you can come up with the concept yourself and later on share the ideas you find with your designers.

You can narrow down the search on the basis of colour (white bedroom interior design) or style (minimalist bedroom interior design). As you go through multiple images and discover the ideas you like the most, you can carry out even more complex queries (white and gold rustic small bedroom design).

The more specific your search is, the higher the relevance of the images you’re going to get.

Narrow Your Pinterest Interior Design Ideas Search Terms

Share Your Pins with an Interior Design Professional

Meeting an interior designer for the first time to talk about the improvement of your HDB apartment can be a confusing endeavour.

It’s a good idea to do some research in advance and even show images to your designer. If you can visualise exactly what you’re looking for, a professional will find it much easier to build upon the initial concept and give you something that’s both relevant and elevated.

Create your Pinterest board before you go for a meeting with an interior design team. Show your pins and tell your designer exactly what you like about each interior design idea. This way, even if you cannot verbalise exactly what you’re looking for, you can provide visual information that will answer some of the designer’s most pressing questions.

Understand that Most Pinterest Interior Designs Aren’t DIY

Keep in mind that most of the interior design visuals you like on Pinterest or on the web are not the result of DIY projects.

Pinterest images come from many different sources – online magazines, other social media, interior design company websites.

Just because a particular image has been shared by Betty doesn’t mean that Betty went ahead to create the home improvement on her own.

To get the beautiful, polished outcome that many Pinterest pictures feature, you will need to hire an interior design company that has a lot of experience with Singapore homes. Attempting to recreate the home design concept on your own will usually give you a subpar outcome. You’ll spend money on getting something that gets amateurish and you’ll also have to spend money on hiring an interior design team to fix the issues stemming from the lack of knowledge or professional experience.

Get Started Here

There are many Pinterest boards to follow while seeking interior design inspiration.

InteriorDesign.net’s interior design board is followed by six million people and it offers a ton of inspiration for the execution of renovation projects. This board is another great choice because it focuses on some cool new trends. You may also want to check out the Harper’s Bazaar fashionable interior design board and all of the Interior Design Addict’s boards. We also have our own Pinterest boards, check it out!

Keep in mind that the images often lack important information about budget, the size of the property or the name of the entity that carried out the renovation. You can get such practical information from the professional you choose to partner up with.

At Home Guide, we encourage our clients to seek out inspiration online or in real life. By doing a bit of research in advance, you’ll have a much better grasp of the work that needs to be done.

Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the focus. Share your sources of inspiration with us or tell us how you imagine your dream home so that we can bring the concept to reality. Look at the home interior design work we have done before to get some inspiration.

Contact Home Guide today to begin improving and modernising your living space.

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