Floral Designs: Good, Bad or Just Meh?

Floral Designs: Good, Bad or Just Meh?

Florals have been a part of home interior design since forever. But it’s 2023 and you’re probably asking yourself if these patterns are still a good idea.

The answer depends on a number of things. The most important thing to understand is that the floral style consists of so many options. That’s the reason why it’s easy to upgrade but it can also look very dated when you make the wrong choice.

If you’re asking yourself about florals, you probably like the appearance of these patterns. So, what does it take to make them the shining style in your flat?

Are Florals Going Out of Style?

Let’s answer this question first. Currently, there are no indications that floral patterns are going out of style.

Florals can be used to accomplish lots of things. Some designs look delicate and feminine, adding a touch of softness to the space. Others can be bold and prominent, giving the respective room a lot of drama. Essentially, you can get any effect if you feature the right kind of floral pattern to match the rest of the space.

There could be one more reason why florals are still here and according to some, they’re even becoming more popular.

We live in a hi-tech world that’s digitalized and minimalistic. Florals add some beautiful details, a splash of colour and a touch of nature to the urban landscape.

How to Make Floral Designs Work in Your Home

When using florals, you’ll be walking a fine line between elegant and kitschy. What does it take not to cross into the territory of tasteless?

For a start, consider partnering up with an interior design company in Singapore. An interior designer will assess the space and the changes you’d like to make. They’ll come up with a comprehensive and cohesive concept that introduces the right kind of floral pattern.

Next, think about size and scale.

Large flowers add drama but they’re definitely going to dominate the room. If the floral pattern is the star of the show, the rest of the décor will have to play supporting role.

Small patterns can be a lot more intricate but there’s a tendency for them to look busy.  To be on the safe side, choose something simpler and in line with the overall colour scheme that you’ve picked for your home.

Speaking of colours, you have two choices.

If you pick neutral colours, you can feature a more ornate and dramatic kind of floral design. Otherwise, make a statement with a striking tone. Bold, bright or even neons – there are so many choices. Don’t worry about those being too overpowering. You can benefit from lots of flexibility. For example, if the floral you pick for one of the walls adds too much drama, you can keep the rest of the walls neutral. You’ll get a balanced design and an accent that will instantly draw the eye and break up the monotony.

There is one more easy way to incorporate florals in your home and make them look good. Textiles can feature such prints to look a bit more distinctive than solid colour options. Don’t just think of throw pillows in terms of textiles. You can have floral curtains, rugs, carpets, linens and towels.

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to have every single piece of fabric in the home displaying a floral design. Moderation is once again key. For most people, subtlety will work best. Some would want to be bold but the rule of making things balanced will once again apply.

Florals aren’t everybody’s cup of tea and that’s ok. You don’t have to embrace this trend or make it a part of your home.

If you do like floral elements, however, you can have some fun with them. Generally speaking, there are no rules. Interior designers today have updated many trends and styles, making them striking and super innovative during the process.

Contact Home Guide if you’re seeking a home renovation partner with a good understanding of various interior design styles. We’ll easily conceptualise the one that works best for you and your space.

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