French Country Interior Design Ideas For Your Singapore Home

French Country Interior Design Ideas For Your Singapore Home

A traditional French country interior design exudes elegance and simplicity; this style is sure to infuse your house with the sophistication of the French countryside – think sunshine, and lavender fields.

What’s more, incorporating this interior design in your home in Singapore will lend even the most urban space a sophisticated and charming vibe.

The best part is that this design is versatile and suitable for chateaux, country houses, condos, or even HDB flats.

Below, we have outlined some of the ways you can achieve the perfect French countryside look for your home, and impress all your friends and family:

Choose Warm Colours

The French Country home design is best represented by monochromatic shades, exciting contrasts and bold colours to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Contrary to the traditional Singaporean home interior, this aesthetic is best achieved through a combination of subdued hues and a subtle colour palette – consider, for example, shades of cream, tan, and exquisite white to make your space look bigger and better.

Other colours you can play with include rust and soft yellows that encapsulate the perfect historical feel.

The key, however, is subtlety; you can add a hint of baroque and antique, for instance, when choosing furniture for your bedroom. Simply place an ornate side table made of dark wood next to your white four-poster bed.

French Country Interior Design Warm Colours

Opt For Natural Materials

The true French aesthetic depends on simplicity with a hint of elegance. Include soft textures through natural materials when decorating your home.

Consider adding rough stained plaster walls, intricately carved wooden furniture, and stone floors under a cotton or warm woollen rug for a cosy atmosphere.

The perfect French Country home interior design is incomplete without a stone fireplace. For this, add soft tiles, a mantle place, and ceramic borders to achieve a serene look in your living room.

However, comfort is something you should never compromise on – include soft linen, and luxurious cream bed sheets for your master bedroom, and plush cushions on your sofas whenever you can.

French Country Interior Design Ideas Natural Materials

Embrace French Tradition

The French countryside interior elicits a sense of tradition and history. To emphasise this aspect, consider adding uncut flowers, scenic prints, and antique furniture.

The trick is to never buy anything that looks new and untarnished – you must opt for items that look like they have been handed down for many generations.

Similarly, when choosing the right antique furniture for your home, opt for items that showcase a relaxed, but shabby chic look with imperfect edges, natural stains, and flowing lines. If you are confused about making the right choice, consider hiring a professional home interior design company in Singapore.

Finally, you can add a sophisticated finishing look by bringing in some renaissance paintings and ornaments – a subtle nod to the Romantics through colourful, but dark and moody paintings is all you need to add a sense of tradition, history, and whimsical longing.


No home interior design in Singapore is complete without the right accessories.

Consider adding items like chandeliers, full length mirrors, décor made of iron, and large antique clocks.

You can add a country feel to your home simply by adding a delicately carved mirror – the gleaming surface instantly adds a polished and charming look to your bedroom, or living room.

Similarly, iron decorative pieces and ornaments induce a flair of French visual drama, whilst making your home look effortlessly cool.

Keep in mind the hallmarks of the French Country aesthetic – stripes, gingham and toile, which is a floral pattern. Mix and match these patterns whenever you can – for example, when choosing throw pillows, blankets, carpets, curtains and other décor items for your home.

An upholstered sofa with matching plush cushions made of toile fabric, for instance, is a great addition to any of your rooms.

Ultimately, you must remember to contrast darker or rustic shades with neutral, more subdued hues to ensure the classic French look.

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