Fresh Ideas for Bringing Retro Into Your Home Interior

Fresh Ideas for Bringing Retro Into Your Home Interior

While retro design could be fun to bring into your home, it can easily start feeling dated when not done right. Is it possible to bring retro charm and modern design sensibilities together? We think the answer is a definite yes!

Bringing freshness to old-school design isn’t always a simple task. After all, you risk creating a hodgepodge that doesn’t look harmonious or balanced. An eye for detail and sense of adventure when it comes to styling, however, can really pay off.

Let Vintage Pieces Shine

Choose a number of high quality, authentic vintage pieces and let them be the star of the show.

You can accomplish the goal by keeping the rest of the home interior design somewhat more neutral and minimal.

Authentic vintage furniture from the 1950s, for example, is going to look stunning against a white background. The rest of the room should be kept clean, giving a sense of modernity and upgrading the focal points.

Very often, vintage pieces are executed in strong colours and you’ll find intriguing materials like velvet, plush, silk or leather. These make a statement enough on their own without necessitating any enhancement.

Start by picking the focus of each room. When you do, you’ll find it fairly easy to put together a beautiful and clean composition that lets that particular piece be the star of the show.

Focus on Texture

As already mentioned, materials and textures are the key to recreating a favourite retro style. This should be your next focus and you’ll definitely need to come up with some form of layering.

Tactile materials are very typical for retro designs like those from the 1970s. You can feature macramé plant holders, shag rugs, plushy throw pillows, linen and sequins in your home.

To elevate the retro “kitsch” of these materials, do the layering against a clean and modern background. For example, you can have a streamlined, minimalist sofa that houses a couple of colourful, glittery throw pillows.

This way, the layering of textures will create fun accents that aren’t overpowering. Texture should give a nod to retro stylings instead of taking over the entire interior.

Modernise Colour Palettes

Campy, bright colours are defining for many retro styles. Mustard yellow, orange and neon tones are all very typical and very commonly utilised when a retro interior design execution is the main assignment.

The brightness and camp of these tones, however, can make them feel somewhat dated. You can create a nod to those palettes while modernising in order to bring retro chic into 2022.

Here’s how to do it – pick an and add a bit of earthiness to it. Bringing the original to a more natural tone will still carry the spirit without making the colour obnoxiously noticeable.

Mixing such tones with warm-coloured neutrals will add a layer of cosiness to your home. You’ll make everything look fresh and contemporary while paying homage to the days gone by.

Vintage Lights

Going for furniture and vintage decorations is often the most obvious thing to do. Chances are that you’d like to bring the retro style to life by choosing something less typical.

Light fixtures provide amazing opportunities.

You can find original pieces or fixtures inspired by the styles of the 50s or the 70s. Swapping modern, streamlined fixtures for those alternatives will give you exciting statement pieces that catch the eye. Choose glossy finishes and geometric shapes to feature the distinctiveness of the classics.

Always Edit Your Concept

Even if you’re in love with what you’ve just created, take some time to edit and fine-tune.

Inspired and excited by the opportunities, you can easily go overboard and make a beautiful accent way too prominent and dated. This is an especially common mistake among people who are not interior design professionals.

Use your common sense and a critical eye to review all elements and determine if they’re needed. Remember that very often, less is more. If you have too many retro items fighting for attention, you’ll end up with an interior that misses the mark,

When looking at a space, make sure it incorporates a good balance of vintage and modern elements. Ask yourself what the purpose of each piece is. If you can’t answer the question, chances are that the respective item isn’t really needed.

Retro elements, especially authentic and valuable pieces have to be curated properly. Unfortunately, this task can be very difficult.

You can easily overcrowd a space or make it look aged.

To reduce the risk of such problems, consider partnering up with an interior design company in Singapore .

At Home Guide, we know what it takes to honour and highlight vintage elements without making them look aged. We also have a keen eye for detail, recognising retro treasures that are definite must-haves.

Don’t hesitate contacting Home Guide if you are a fan of retro design. We’d be excited to work on your project, giving the traditional idea a modern, bright and unique spin nobody would have anticipated.

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