Furniture Elements You Can Ditch in a Space-Starved Flat

Furniture Elements You Can Ditch in a Space-Starved Flat

Trying to renovate and furnish a small flat like a 2-room BTO often seems like mission impossible. Chances are that you feel pressured to give up on things you enjoy because there isn’t enough space to accommodate everything. Deciding about abandoning certain elemnts you’ve previously considered important isn’t easy.

The good news is that giving up pieces of furniture can have an amazingly liberating effect. On top of that, you can ditch certain elements completely guilt-free because they’ll be doing very little for the functional and aesthetic appeal of a space-starved flat.

Oversized, Bulky Pieces

A massive couch has become synonymous with comfort but that’s not the case.

You don’t need a bulky, chunky, over-stuffed piece to enjoy amazingly relaxing seating. A streamlined sofa will do just as well.

The secret of a comfortable couch is the shape and size of the pillows/cushions. Proper softness and support work together to deliver the relaxing experience everybody craves in the end of a busy day.

So, instead of looking for fluffy and large, go ahead and test a couple of sofas in a furniture store by seating and trying to get comfy. You may be surprised by the cosiness some of the minimalist pieces deliver.

Entertainment Centre

In the past, larger entertainment centres made a lot of sense.

Television sets used to be bulkier and they needed solid shelving/wooden surfaces for support. There were additional pieces like DVDs, VCRs, speakers and movie collections (whether on tapes or DVDs). These have pretty much become extinct and you solely need a streamlined, flat-screen TV.

So, unless you’re a massive gadget fan who has lots of audio and video equipment, a giant, bulky entertainment centre doesn’t make sense.

Even if you have enough space for such a setup, you can still replace the entertainment centre with open shelving. It will look lighter and neater. Open shelving is also a good idea if you don’t need a solid wooden construction that will overpower the entire living room.

A Vanity or a Bedside Table

Small bedrooms can be a real challenge because in a traditional setup, you’ll have to feature various massive pieces – a bed, a closet, a chest of drawers, a vanity and two bedside tables.

Some of these pieces can be ditched and you’re not going to lose any functionality.

Alternatively, you can use one item that serves several purposes.

Having a vanity placed next to the side of the bed will result in its intended purpose while also doubling as a bedside table.

You can also use a regular desk next to the bed. It will give you a large enough area for the placement of some essentials (a light, books, a clock, personal care items) while also giving you a study or work corner.  Thinking of two purposes for a single space is the best way to make the most of a tiny flat.

Dining Table and Chairs

Is your flat lacking a separate dining area? In that case, get rid of the traditional dining table and chair set. These occupy way too much space you shouldn’t be taking away from another purpose.

Do you have a kitchen island separating this room from the living area? The island can turn into the perfect spot for socialising and sharing a meal. Just get a few tall chairs and you’ll be good to go.

Alternatively, a foldable table can be placed in the kitchen (mounted on a wall, for example) and it can be pulled out only when needed. Smart, multi-purpose and hideaway furniture pieces give you lots of flexibility. Be creative and think about solutions that work with your space. Chances are that such solutions have already been developed and they’re easy to buy.

Separate Beds for Kids

Giving two or more kids enough space in a small flat is the most daunting task a parent’s going to face. Having kids sharing the same room results in an even bigger nightmare.

Relax and take a breath, there are things you can do to ensure everybody’s satisfaction.

Beds take up lots of horizontal space because they’re big pieces (even if you choose minimalist designs). There’s a simple rule you can follow in order to address the problem – go vertical. It works for storage units and it’s also going to work for beds.

Bunk beds provide the perfect opportunity. They’re comfy, they can be very stylish and they live lots of room for the placement of desks, wardrobes, storage units and other essentials.

A similar approach will work well in the guest room. You may want to think about bunk beds that feature built-in storage units if you’d like to save up on some more space.

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