Getting Creative with Your Child’s Nursery in Your HDB Flat

Getting Creative with Your Child’s Nursery in Your HDB Flat

Decorating a brand new nursery is obviously an important way to transform your Singapore apartment. What could be more exciting than giving your child the living space they need to grow up healthy and happy? For some parents, however, finding the right idea may be a difficult task.

Consulting a Singapore interior designer is a great way to narrow down the concept and execute it perfectly when you start with the renovation planning.

Before that, however, you may want to get at least some idea about what you want the nursery to look like.

If you need a source of inspiration, explore the following nursery design ideas for your HDB flat.

Let Colour Be The Design Focus

Are you tired of the usual cutesy nursery design themes full with the usual colours of pink/blue/random bright colours with random baby animals plastered all over that has become too predictable?

To avoid going down this route, you may want to start with a colour scheme as the focal point for this home interior design project.

There are so many beautiful and exciting colours you can select for the nursery of your child,  but we should really make smart choices to get the best results.

You can start studying up colour psychology in the realm of interior design or pick a tone that will be soothing – pastels colours are a safe example. Alternatively, you may want to adopt a colour scheme that’s considered trendy and fresh right now.

A combination of red and blue is particularly popular right now. While it’s not a typical choice, the colours can work really well together when the shades are matched correctly. Red and blue result in a more vintage vibe, which can be executed further through the selection of the right accessories (an old-school handcrafted and ornate crib is just one example).

If you want to be even more daring, go for a black and white colour scheme. Although, a monochromatic approach involving solely black and white is often considered too bleak for a nursery and nurseries traditionally feature colours like blue, pink, yellow and green, home interior designers have managed to buck this trend.

Black and white are neutral colours that are actually perfect for experimenting with patterns and textures. Geometric shapes, polka dots, splashes of greyscale – all of these can result in a surprisingly playful nursery design with the use of monochromatic colour schemes.

Getting Creative with Your Child’s Nursery in Your HDB Flat colour be the focus

Smart Technology Is the New Big Thing in the Nursery

Creative design isn’t just about visual appeal. A nursery should also be practical and comfortable. Luckily, various new technologies and smart home décor possibilities will give you peace of mind.

A wireless baby monitor is only the start of things to come.

Sound and light machines that are motion or sound-activated are also an ideal choice for the creation of a soothing environment. Go easy on the decorations and opt for such a machine – it will project stars, ocean elements or fun animals on the wall or the ceiling. These projectors also play music or white noise sounds that the babies feel comforted by.

Energy-efficient lamps with motion sensors, a wireless monitoring camera, a baby movement monitor, climate control sensors and even smart sleeping systems that use sound and light to ensure quality sleep during the night are ideal choices for the futuristic nursery in your HDB apartment.

Getting Creative with Your Child’s Nursery in Your HDB Flat technology

Wallpapers: Think Vintage, Floral, Tropical, and Washable

Nurseries can get pretty messy as you feed and change your child. As little ones get older, the number of challenges will increase.

Thus, when designing a nursery, you should be thinking both in aesthetic and practical terms.

To keep yourself from renovating the nursery every single year, you will have to opt for smart solutions.

Washable wallpaper is a great choice and if you ask any mom out there, she’d wish that she had used it in her nursery.

The concept is pretty self-explanatory. There are many things that could get on the wall – food, bodily fluids, crayons, paint, etc. With washable wallpapers, you can simply wipe the mess clean and move on with your day.

As far as interior design in Singapore go, several types of wallpaper are particularly hot right now. Vintage, floral inspired wallpapers are making a big return. They’re fun to look at and they give the nursery a much-needed splash of colour. If flowers aren’t your thing, tropical-inspired wallpapers are also considered particularly suitable for the nursery in 2019 and beyond.

Wallpapers reminiscent of children’s book illustrations and actual drawings created by kids will create a little fairy tale for your baby. The tones are typically pastel and the visuals are small in order to be noticeable without getting overwhelming.

Other cool nursery wallpaper ideas to explore in 2019 include bubble patterns in different colours, constellation-inspired designs in dark blue and white, animal prints and designs inspired by nature (snowflakes, twigs, seashells, leaf patterns, etc.).

Getting Creative with Your Child’s Nursery in Your HDB Flat wallpaper

Don’t Forget about Ceiling Decorations

This is a common mistake that people expecting their first child make.

As adults, we rarely pay attention to the ceiling. The situation, however, is different for a babies.

Babies spend a lot of time in their crib. Even if they have a mobile and toys, they’ll probably stare at the ceiling for the significant portion of the day.

Your nursery’s ceiling provides a massive canvas you can use to paint a picture, tell a story or simply feature soothing colours your baby will enjoy before falling asleep. The market also features numerous great solutions and products you can use for ceiling decoration – glow in the dark paint, adhesive stars and lovely stencils are just a few.

Choose a Green Concept for Your Nursery

If the rest of your HDB flat is green and energy efficient, you’ll definitely want to execute the same theme in the nursery.

Choose interior designers who already have enough experience with such projects – green solutions for Singapore homes come with their specifics.

Think of the ways in which you’d want to conserve resources.

VOC-free furniture and paints are a must for the room of your child. Choose cribs and furniture that have been crafted out of sustainable materials like bamboo, for example. Always make sure that the dyes used, the fabrics and the toys are non-toxic and non-irritating.

To make your nursery green, you should also consider the installation of a smart HVAC solution and insulation. The right doors and windows will also be imperative for conserving the energy required for heating and cooling that space. Keep in mind you may have to do heating and cooling changes in the nursery much more often than you’d do in the rest of the house.

These are just a few of the ways in which you may want to approach the nursery interior design project. Needless to say, you should go for an alternative concept if you have such an idea in mind.

Find an interior design team that can support you and bring your concept to fruition in your HDB flat.

Home Guide has extensive experience in Singapore residential interior design and we’re HDB licensed to give you the best possible outcome each time.

Home Guide works hard to understand the needs of every single client. We offer tailor-made, personalised solutions that match the interests of the specific customer.

We’d be honoured to help you craft the perfect room for the youngest family member. Get in touch with Home Guide today to let us know what you have in mind or to commission the creation of a unique nursery for your kid.

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