HDB Launches its First Residential Project in Tengah

HDB Launches its First Residential Project in Tengah

Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) has made a couple of interesting announcements in November 2018 concerning its latest residential developments. Plantation Grove in Tengah is one of the projects that stand out from the other HDB announcements.

First HDB Apartments for Sale in Tengah

The announcement was for a total of 7,214 new HDB flats that will be made available for sale throughout November 2018. A part of them consists of 3,802 built to order (BTO) units across different estates like the township of Tampines, Yishun, Sengkang and Sembawang. The one development that gets most people curious, however, is the one in Tengah.

Tengah is Singapore’s first new HDB town to be announced since the development of Punggol over 20 years ago. Plantation Grove is the Tengah residential project and it will be one of five housing districts in the new town.

As the name suggests, the district will be tailored to promote gardening and farming activities. The residential interior design project will feature a style and overall space design corresponding to the primary function of the district.

Key Characteristics of Plantation Grove

The first Tengah HDB residential project is located in close proximity to the Forest Fringe of the town. Green living and environmental consciousness are defining for the HDB project execution, enabling residents to make the most of the peaceful environment.

Planation Grove will be connected to the other parts of the town via a network of cycling and pedestrian paths. The Jurong Region Line (JRL) will also add 24 new stations to its existing network in order to accommodate for the commuting needs of the Plantation Grove residents.

Tengah is pretty much defined as a forest town. Thus, the HDB construction, exterior and interior design plans for Plantation Grove are all focused on the theme. Residents are to experience the flora and the fauna of the region literally at their doorsteps, an HDB press release about the characteristics of the project suggests.

Community spaces, lush greenery and smart light systems are a few additional Plantation Grove project characteristics worth mentioning because they’ll be determining for the appearance and the functionality of the residential development.

A final Plantation Grove characteristic mentioned in the HDB media release is a service that the Tengah residents will get a chance to subscribe to upon necessity.

Residential flat buyers will get to decide whether they’d like to subscribe to the Centralised Cooling System (CCS) – a more energy-efficient opportunity than conventional air conditioning. The subscription-based plants come with an added convenience. Those who choose CCS will be freed from having to install their AC units or ensuring their optimal functioning through the years.

When the plantation district is fully completed, it will feature a total of 10,000 housing units. The district occupies approximately 90ha and it is located in the southernmost part of Tengah. Planation Grove will feature a 700 metre-long and 40 metre-wide farmway, enabling farm to table food production. Apart from featuring fruit and tree gardens, the farmway is also to have relaxation areas where the local community will enjoy pleasant outdoor moments together.

The Plantation Grove project is comprised of 17 residential blocks that range in height from eight to 14 floors. Buyers who are interested in the development can choose among 1,620 flats (two bedroom, 3Gen flats and flexi three, four or five bedroom apartments).

Tengah is located close to the Jurong Innovation District (JID), an upcoming development that consists of a 600ha district. JID covers the JTC’s Clean Tech Park, Nanyang Technological University, Bulim and Bahar areas. There are no schools on the territory of Plantation Grove at the time being but there are plans for eventual construction in order to meet the needs of younger property owners.

Other Key HDB Residential Project Announcements

While the Tengah residential development is the most interesting new HDB announcement, the board did reveal news about several additional residential projects.

Apart from the BTO flats, HDB is also offering 3,412 balance flats in 11 non-mature towns and 13 mature locations. Nearly 37 per cent of these units have already been completed. The others are currently under construction. Most of these units will be reserved for the needs of first-timer families.

HDB announced that its next BTO launch is scheduled for February 2019. This is when the board plans to launch 3,100 new residential flats for sale in locations like Sengkang, Kallang Whampoa and Jurong West.

The application process for the available flats (as announced by the HDB in November) takes place through the official HDB website. According to the HDB press release, the first batch of new BTO flats will come with shorter waiting times in Sembawang, Sengkang and Yishun. According to HDB, buyers can expect to receive their apartment key within two to three years from the date of the application.

If you apply but do not qualify for the residential developments at the time being, you will have to wait for the next HDB residential announcement in February 2019. This is when a concurrent re-offer of the existing balance flats will also take place.

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