HDB November 2020 Launch Has 5,770 Flats in Multiple Estates

HDB November 2020 Launch Has 5,770 Flats in Multiple Estates

It’s time for yet another HDB BTO launch. In late October 2020, important details have been released about the types of flats that will be made available and the estates these are going to be located in.

Although the Circuit Breaker measures related to the management of Covid-19 have had an impact on some 2020 deadlines, the November launch is happening full steam ahead and it’s encompassing a big number of brand new apartments.

More Than 5,700 New BTO Flats

As per the HDB official announcement, the November launch will consist of 5,770 flats in five estates.

Some of the new apartments are located in mature projects like Bishan, Toa Payoh and Tampines. The others are in non-mature estates like Tengah and Sembawang.

The biggest number of new residential properties included in the launch is 1,570 flats in Tengah. The offering consists of 2-room, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats. Bishan follows with 1,500 apartments that range from 2-room Flexi to 4-room.

In Toa Payoh, there will be 1,230 new flats included in the November launch. These range in size from three-room to five-room.

The rest of the flats are distributed as follows: 750 apartments in Tampines and 720 flats in Sembawang.

Some Additional Estate Details

Sembwanag ranks among the estates known for their access to a fairly good access to a diversified range of amenities. Residents can enjoy an array of shopping opportunities and lounge in the numerous neighbourhood parks. This is a beautiful green development that appeals to health and nature-conscious individuals.

Restaurants and entertainment venues are also located conveniently nearby in the Sembawang Shopping Centre.

Tengah gives residents easy train access when new stations Hong Kah MRT and Tengah Plantation MRT become operational in 2027 (provisional date). While this estate is incredibly peaceful and quiet, it also provides access to essentials like shopping opportunities, the so-called Forest Corridor, community gardens and recreational areas. Two health and medical centres are also located within the vicinity of the estate.

Moving on to Bishan, residents will have Junction 8 mall located nearby, as well as a number of reputable schools within the area. This characteristic makes the BTO flats in the estate a perfect choice for young families with children.

The new Tampines flats will not be situated in the heart of the estate. As per the initial announcement, they are located along Bedok Reservoir Road and the Bedok Canal. Still, the owners of these new flats will have fairly easy access to transportation and commute services due to the direct train access.

At the same time, the location gives the new owners the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and have peaceful weekends with family members away from all of the urban hustle and bustle.

Finally, Toa Payoh flats will be located within two Bidadari area sites. One is located along the Upper Aljunied Road and the second one is along Mount Vernon Road. Three shopping malls are located close to the area and there’s also sufficient greenery. Plans for the opening of a new mall in 2022 are underway.

Prices and November Launch Details

Additional details about the November launch have not been provided yet.

From previous launches, however, a couple of conclusions can be drawn.

Property Guru has compiled prices pertaining to prior launches (from November 2019) in the five estates under question.

Sembawang is the estate that’s anticipated to offer the most affordable prices. In November 2019, three-room flats in the estate started at 102,000 dollars. Tengah follows with 133,000 dollars, Tampines – 221,000 dollars and Toa Payoh – 291,000 dollars.

The last time Bishan BTO flats were announced in an HDB launch was 2006. At the time, only studios were offered. Thus, it would be interesting to find out how Bishan flats are going to compare now to similar properties in other developments.

As per a previous HDB release, the Tengah flats are the ones with the shortest waiting time. Still, project completion date estimates should always be taken in account before deciding whether to submit an application.

The application window will open up in November and candidates can complete the process through the HDB InfoWeb or the Mobile HDB app. Each applicant is entitled to one application for one BTO flat type within a single estate.

Upon the completion of the November launch, a new one is scheduled to take place in February 2021. As per initial information, the launch will have 3,500 BTO flats in estates like Kallang, Bukit Batok, Whampoa, Toa Payoh and Tengah.

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