HDB Renovation Guidelines Demystified

HDB Renovation Guidelines Demystified

You might have heard of the HDB guidelines in passing especially if you’re thinking about buying a new home, or renovating your old one. HDB is an abbreviated form of the Housing Development Board in Singapore. This authority is responsible for allocating flats and apartments to the Singapore residents on a temporary lease.

Thus, when you get your own apartment/flat and are looking for the best interior design services in Singapore, it might be a good time to acquaint yourself with the basics of the HDB Renovation Guidelines. These tell you all the measures you should take during the process of construction. There are guidelines for simple building works, including ceiling design, wall construction, door and window schedules and more.

Further, we are going to compile a simple list of all the major guidelines you have to keep in mind while hiring an interior design company in Singapore.

– Building works

Building works refer to the major, physical renovation aspects of a home interior design in Singapore. These include all the major components that have to be added or subtracted from the existing interior design. Let’s take a brief look at all the building works and their respective guidelines that you should know about.

a. Ceiling: The ceiling design HDB guidelines tell you about the clear height of the false ceilings, how it should be bolted into the existing structure and what to do with the space in between. They also specify the clear height of the fan from the finished floor, along with its recommended weight.

b. Doors: The door design guidelines specify about whether or not you need a permit to replace an existing door or close up an existing entrance/exit, the standard dimensions of exit doors and where not to open doors in public areas.

c. Windows: Like doors, the window design guidelines dictate whether you can replace the HDB sanctioned windows, if you need permits to enlarge or close them up, and if you can replace the grills and other paraphernalia or not.

d. Floors: Floor design HDB guidelines tell you the exact thickness of floor finishes and what kind of authorized treatments are a must after installation.

e. Walls: Any home interior design in Singapore or all over the world is incomplete without walls. The HDB guidelines specify when you need a permit for demolition and construction of existing walls.

f. Storage: The guidelines for storage units determine the size and dimensions of the racks. They also tell when you should get a permit for

g. Signboards: the building works guidelines also tell about the sizes and dimensions of signboards and advertisements. The sanction the ratio area for advertisements, as well as the recommended structural support for the signboard.

h. Awnings: The HDB guidelines specify where you are allowed to put up awnings outside your homes.

– Electrical

Electrical works include the wiring of lights, air-con units, switches and more in a home interior design in Singapore. The HDB guidelines about electrical works tell you the process of what you need to do if you’re looking for a new electricity supply. They also tell what you need to do in order to get an upgrade on your already existing electricity supply. The guidelines offer a step-by-step scenario of all the things you must do for either of these situations.

– Mechanical

All the firms and contractors who offer mechanical interior design services in Singapore must abide by the HDB sanctioned guidelines. Mechanical works include the installation of automatic fire alarm and sprinkler systems, installation of ventilation/exhaust pipes and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning). The HDB guidelines specify when you need permits and whose endorsements you should apply for to get your mechanical works done.

– Sanitary and Plumbing/Gas Works

The installation of water and sanitation pipes along with gas points is one of the most important interior design services in Singapore. The HDB guidelines for sanitary and plumbing works includes on what parts of the renovation you need permits. It specifies the guidelines, along with the terms and conditions on when you need to install, replace or reposition the sink, washbasins or the portable grease trap.

– Air-Conditioning

Air-conditioning works include the installation of the air purifying system or split units inside the home interior. The HDB guidelines specify all the guidelines you must follow for an authorized installation of air-conditioning. There are extensive terms and conditions to be followed for the successful installation of either of these two units.

– Equipment and Machinery

Equipment and machinery guidelines cover all the terms and conditions you must follow while installing the services in your building. These include installation of HVAC chiller plants and cooling towers, heavy machinery like cranes, hoists and even hydraulic car-hoists/car-o-liner.

The standard of home interior design in Singapore is measured on the basis of these stringent guidelines. Every HDB sanctioned building or apartment must follow these rules faithfully. Home Guide Designs is an HDB is a registered HDB contractor, which means we can easily get permits for all the specifications that need to be authorized by the HDB without any hassle at all.

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