HDB Resale Interior Design and Renovations

Unlock the Full Potential of an HDB Resale Flat with Home Guide.

Moving into an HDB resale flat isn’t the same as getting a brand new property. Someone has already occupied the flat for at least the minimum occupation period (MOP). The space carries the mark of the previous owner and it’s a true reflection of their style.

So, what does it take to make an HDB resale flat your own?

HDB resale interior design can be more challenging and more expensive to modify but when you have the support of the right partner, you can accomplish anything.

Home Guide’s team understands HDB interior design and the issues (as well as the opportunities) that stem from the acquisition of a resale flat. While a bigger number of steps may be required to bring your vision to reality, you can still see your dream home materialise itself.

Reasons to Choose Home Guide for Your HDB Resale Renovation Project

We have managed to maintain an excellent reputation through the years due to the fact that we account for customer preferences. As a result, every single solution is tailored to address the strength and the weaknesses of the respective property, as well as the owner’s vision.

Home Guide offers comprehensive, holistic interior design and renovation solutions.

The team consists of experienced interior designers, home makeover artists, project managers and suppliers. All of these experts work seamlessly together to handle the entire project from start to finish, regardless of the complexity.

Home Guide has HDB approval to carry out renovations on resale flats. We are included in the board’s official directory due to the fact that we stick to and surpass official requirements every single time. You can rest assured that we know the methodologies, protocols and modifications that are permissible under Singaporean law and that will spruce up a resale flat quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Home Guide?

What kind of advantage will you get from an interaction with Home Guide on the completion of your HDB resale renovation?

  1. We Have Specialised Experience – Resale flats come with their specific challenges. You need to choose an HDB registered contractor that has enough experience to make a flat somebody else has lived in your own. Through the years, we have worked on numerous resale flats and we know exactly what it takes to completely overhaul such a space.
  2. We Make Your Budget Go The Distance – HDB resale flat renovations are known for costs that really escalate if not planned well. You will need to spend more on bringing a resale flat up to par than what you’ll need to allocate to a new apartment renovation. At Home Guide, we believe in the importance of offering our clients an optimal price to quality ratio every single time. You will benefit from solutions that fall within your budget and that contribute to the most extensive transformation.
  3. We Breathe Magic Into Older Spaces of All Sizes – Transforming an old flat isn’t easy, regardless of size. It takes real experience, experience and creativity to make a big space feel homely and a small space feel bigger. We have that knowledge!
  4. We Offer Renovation Loan Support – Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need some loan support to make your dream home come true.
  5. Our Solutions Are Comprehensive – Permits and administrative tasks, planning, execution, supervision, cleanup – we will take care of everything so that you wouldn’t have to.
  6. When We’re Done, You’ll Be Ready to Move in Immediately – When we’re done, your HDB resale flat will be as good as new. All you’ll have to do is unlock the door, get inside and enjoy the beauty of your home.

We Have The Experience

Make Your Vision Come True with the Right Renovation Partner

A HDB resale renovation project doesn’t have to be a terrifying prospect, when you find the right partner to work with.

You deserve your dream home that fits your personality, lifestyle, aesthetic preferences and functional needs without breaking the bank and we have the experience, skill sets and creativity to make that happen.

Completing Your HDB Resale Renovation Successfully

Turning the HDB resale flat into your dream home will involve several important steps we will guide you through and help you complete:

Step 1 – The Preliminary Consultation
We need to get introduced to the project and your idea before offering a viable solution for the interior design renovation of a resale BTO flat. This is our opportunity to learn more about you and your vision.

Step 2 – Presentation
Based on the preliminary consultation, we’ll come up with a presentation that suggests a couple of layout plans personalised to the specifics of the space. You’ll benefit from 3D image proposals, a colour scheme proposal and an estimated quote so that you have all information required to make up your mind about moving forward.

Step 3 – Applying Your Feedback
Depending on your feedback, we’ll deliver a second presentation that takes your notes into account and modifies the original concept to better suit your needs.

Step 4 – Execution
This is where the actual work begins (and ends). With the placement of a 10 per cent deposit, we will provide you with a final plan and we will commence the renovation work.

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