Hide-Away and Smart Solutions for Small Living Spaces in Singapore

Hide-Away and Smart Solutions for Small Living Spaces in Singapore

Living in a small apartment can pose numerous challenges. Such a space could feel particularly cramped and impractical when the interior layout isn’t conceptualised in the best possible way.

Singapore interior design professionals will suggest an array of solutions that can increase functionality without making a small living space cluttered. Here are some of the best ideas to test out today.

A Hide-Away Bed

Your bed ranks among the furniture pieces that occupy the most space. If you don’t have a separate bedroom or if it’s a tiny one, a hide-away bed will be an excellent choice.

These kinds of furniture are usually two-in-one pieces (a bed and a sofa combined, for example) or they can fold up into the wall. This way, the bed can be pulled down when it’s needed and safely tucked away during the day to increase the space in the room.

The market features dozens of foldable and hide-away bed options that are ideal for small Singapore apartments. If you don’t know which one makes the most sense for your home, you should definitely consider hiring an interior design company in Singapore. The firm should come up with a comprehensive concept for your residential interior design, ensuring consistency and the meeting of all your goals.

Furniture That Features Hidden Storage

Storage space is seriously missing in a small apartment.

To ensure that you have enough room for all of your belongings, you will need to utilise every nook and cranny.

One of the best options is to choose smart furniture that comes with a hidden storage compartment.

A bed with a storage unit underneath, a table or a sofa can all enable the putting away of items that you don’t need to have immediately available.

Very often, such furniture pieces can be custom-made to fit your interior design concepts and the size of the respective room. While a custom piece can be costlier, it will give you a number of additional advantages that ready-made furniture pieces are missing.

DIY Loft

An apartment with an open floor plan enables many arrangements. If this is the kind of small Singapore apartment you’re dealing with, you’re certainly lucky.

Apartments that come with a high ceiling also make it possible to create a DIY loft inside the living space.

Going for a DIY loft will enable you to utilise the overhead space that will typically be inaccessible. This way, you can nearly double the spaciousness of your apartment.

The market already features the kits that can be purchased to create a loft space at home without professional involvement. The loft can be large enough to add a tiny home office or a little green garden to your apartment.

You may also want to create a custom loft with the help of an experienced Singapore interior designer. Thinking vertical is one of the best things you can do in order to enjoy a comfortable home without making it particularly cramped. The addition of one loft that serves a specific purpose can help you create a little space that adds both charm and functional appeal to your property.

Foldable Kitchen

Is it possible to make an entire room much more space-efficient than it already is? The answer is possible. The market features ingenious, crafty solutions like the foldable kitchen. It is one of the greatest choices for the tiniest living spaces out there that simply can’t afford to have an entire room dedicated to food preparation.

If you have a kitchen, you can choose foldable solutions for it. A collapsible kitchen island or storage racks are obvious choices. The same applies to a dining table and chairs that can easily be folded when they’re not used.

A company on the market, however, has also come up with the concept of an entire kitchen that can be folded when it’s not being used.

The foldable kitchen is fully-functional and when you’re not going to make a delicious meal, you can easily fold the panels to get a much smaller box. It fits inside another room, regardless of the fact that the foldable kitchen features oven and countertops, a fridge and a dishwasher.

A Home Office That Disappears

Just like the foldable kitchen, you can put together a home office that will vanish into thin air when it’s not being used.

You will need a desk, a chair and some storage units to work comfortably at home. All of these can come in the form of hide-away furniture. If you want to, you can also opt for two-in-one pieces that change their function when you’re not working.

Alternatively, place the home office in a part of the property that will typically be under-utilised or not used at all. If you have a staircase, for example, the area underneath it can quickly be transformed into a work space.

There are so many small room design ideas that you will find it almost impossible to choose one direction and stick to it without being tempted to explore alternatives.

Take some time to determine what your small Singapore apartment is missing and how you could accomplish the goal. If you already have some more or less well-defined concept, you will find it much easier to communicate the idea across to an interior design professional.

Choosing the right interior design company is the next essential thing to do.

Home Guide’s team has sufficient experience in working with small spaces and boosting their functionality.

You can get a taste of our work by taking a look at our residential portfolio. Aesthetic appeal, clean lines and functionality are the primary goals we keep in mind, regardless of the project’s specifics or the challenges that have to be overcome.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’re tired of making a compromise because your apartment is too small to accommodate your home décor idea. We will find a way to bring that idea to reality.

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