Home Décor Tips and Professional Designer Secrets for Couples

Home Décor Tips and Professional Designer Secrets for Couples

Envisioning and executing your dream home as a couple is going to be a super exciting, super big step for the two of you. At the same time, the project can unleash chaos. Having two people with differing viewpoints and understandings of aesthetics working on one and the same thing will easily result in massive disagreements.

Is there anything you can do to make the home renovation harmonious and satisfying for both of you? Professional interior designers believe that’s possible if you employ a couple of strategic hacks.

Find Your Style as a Couple

Many couples commit one grave mistake when working on home décor together.

They believe that making a compromise is all about incorporating both people’s favourite styles in the design of the space.

Most of the time, this approach isn’t going to work. It will probably result in a hot mess of an interior design that lacks consistency and clear focus or function.

Instead of attempting to bring two very different styles together, work on discovering your interior design style as a couple. Are both of you drawn to a certain place like the Mediterranean region? Is there something that both of you value a lot (like clutter-free design that’s easy to maintain in a pristine condition)?

Finding a focal point, whether functional or sentimental, will help you work in unison and make decisions that both of you will enjoy. Also, such an approach will be the start of something new and exciting you will be building for the first time as a couple.

Try the “Yes and” Approach

Do you know what the number one rule of improvisation theatre is? In order to work, impro depends on the openness of participants to try something new and build upon the cues delivered by their stage partners.

This rule of “yes and” can be very effective when working as a couple on any project.

How do you bring improvisation theatre techniques to home design? Keep an open mind and truly listen to what your partner has to say.

As people, we are opinionated in terms of the things that we find most important. This means you probably already have a very rigid vision of what your dream home is going to look like. If you hold on to this vision, you will completely dismiss your partner’s input and find it unacceptable.

So, try to see the space the way your partner does. Instead of automatically turning ideas down, say yes to these opportunities. Once you’ve accepted such possibilities, you can work on refining them together and turning the original concept into something much better and mutually-satisfying.

Agree on a Colour Scheme

Do you know what’s one of the most important unifying elements in interior design? It’s colour.

A strategically-chosen colour scheme executed throughout the home will give the entire space unity, even if slight design variations occur.

The colour scheme is THE one thing you need to agree upon with your partner.

If you do, some compromise could be made in term of stylistics. The end result will still be cohesive and elegant.

When in doubt, try neutral and natural tones.  They always look good and they work well with almost any interior design concept you choose.

Go Shopping Together

Anyone who feels inspired by a more artistic and unorthodox approach towards light selection should consider sculptural fixtures and lamps.

Sculptural lights are being promoted because they allow for the execution of a popular 2023 trend – the use of lighting as a focal interior design element and a statement.

There’s a big selection of sculptural lights – from ornate and classical to abstract. Various materials are also used to enforce the specific statement and give each individual piece more depth and meaning.

Some sculptural lights are also inspired by the beauty of nature – the gracefulness of three branches, the movement of the ocean waves or the immaculate clarity of glass. Beautiful natural silhouettes can easily add fluidity and serenity to the home.

Sculptural lights are also going to work really well with another 2023 popular interior design trend – curvaceous shapes and lines that create better movement and less angularity than traditional edges and sharp lines.

Bespoke Lights

The world has been moving away from mass-manufactured items. More home owners than ever before want pieces that are unique, that are reflective of their personality/lifestyle.

If you have a very particular idea for a light fixture design, go for it. Bespoke lights are an amazing way to add personality to your home without making a compromise with the design vision.

Bespoke solutions aren’t going to focus on just fixtures or individual pieces. In fact, many homeowners are choosing entire lighting systems that are custom-made to make the most of the available space and layout.

Anyone who’s considering the selection of bespoke furniture may want to have some wiring installed into those pieces. When such choices are made in advance, the addition of lights built into the individual unit becomes much easier.

Every single interior design element matters and you shouldn’t leave its selection to chance. Lights and other décor work together to give you the most in terms of visuals and function. Contact Home Guide if you want the right idea, the perfect project and the most tailored execution for your flat in 2023.

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