Home Guide Interior Design and Renovations Makes Your Ang Mo Kio Court Home Dream Come True

Home Guide Interior Design and Renovations Makes Your Ang Mo Kio Court Home Dream Come True

Ang Mo Kio Court is an exciting HDB project that promises property seekers with lush greenery and accessible urban conveniences.

Upon its completion, Ang Mo Kio Court will offer 590 units ranging from 2-room Flexi to 5-room and 3Gen flats.

Are you starting to imagine what your Ang Mo Kio court BTO flat is going to look like? Do you already seek inspirational images online that depict the perfect living room and the cosiest bedroom? We know just how exciting and full of possibilities these first plans can be.

To help kickstart your planning, the Home Guide team has taken the liberty of dreaming big and visualizing what a finished Ang Mo Kio Court BTO flat could look like. Let’s check out all of the what we have created for you together.

Ang Mo Kio Court: The What, When and How

The Ang Mo Kio Court units are distributed in three residential blocks that are positioned in courtyard settings. The buildings are located about seven minutes (walking distance) away from Mayflower MRT and about 13 minutes away from Ang Mo Kio MRT.

Both primary and secondary schools are located in the vicinities of the residential development, making it perfect for families with children.

Just like most other new HDB projects, Ang Mo Kio Court puts emphasis on green living.

Some of the amenities and flat conveniences focused on environmental friendliness include separate recyclable waste chutes, motion sensors in the common areas to turn lights on and off as needed, regenerative lifts that reduce electricity consumption, eco pedestals in the bathrooms, parking spaces aimed at facilitating car sharing schemes and bicycle stands.

Ang Mo Kio Court’s initially announced TOP date is September 01, 2020. Due to Covid-19 and the Circuit Breaker period, however, some delays are to be anticipated. Current TOP progress reports suggest that the development is 93 per cent complete. The new estimated TOP date is March 01, 2021, as long as additional Covid-19-related measures aren’t required in the coming months.

Serene Living by the Park

Located in the corner of Ang Mo Kio Street 22 and 23, the residential blocks are surrounded by lush greenery.

In the past, the area used to house large rubber plantations. HDB work started there back in 1973 and over the years, Ang Mo Kio transformed into a modern urban space that still maintains the focus on greenery and peaceful living in balance with nature.

Numerous parks are located in close proximity to the new BTO launch.

The picturesque Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park is right at the town’s edge. Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West is another popular space for relaxation. The large lotus pond and the observatory in the garden create two focal points for residents to enjoy.

Included in the HDB Greepnrint program that was launched in 2015, Ang Mo Kio is continuously becoming greener, more focused on sustainability and giving residents all conveniences required for modern living.

Numerous spaces are also allocated to future amenities like childcare centres, educational centres, facilities for the elderly and daily activity spaces. Shops and eateries will also about close to the residential buildings.

It’s Time to Think of Your New Home’s Interior

All of these neighbourhood and town specifics can be extended further into the home interior design chosen for your new BTO flat. Alternatively, you may adopt a completely different approach that’s in line with your understandings of functionality and aesthetics.

Your vision can be executed effortlessly and even elevated with a little bit of guidance. A partnership with the right interior design team will easily result in the home you’ve always imagined your family inhabiting.

Home Guide has already worked on an array of clean and visually-exciting projects aimed at elevating the Ang Mo Kio Court spaces.

Your 2-room Flexi flat will feel more spacious through the selection of the right colour scheme. Emphasis on natural light and materials like wood will create a sensation of brightness and lightness – two much-needed elements in a small urban space. Check out our 2-room bto renovation package.

Bringing nature inside and minimalism are the two focal points of our 4-room BTO flat interior design concept. Plants, wood and functional accessories create comfort and a homely feel without bringing any clutter into the apartment. Check out our 4-room BTO renovation package.

The 5-room interior design project provides something for everyone inhabiting the space. From bright colours to modern furniture and effective storage solutions, the flat is planned and executed with the needs of a bigger family in mind. Check out our 5-room bto renovation package.

Finally, the 3Gen flat design delivers comfort and security. It accounts for the preferences of younger people, as well as for the needs of seniors who may have some mobility or health issues.

Please take a look at each individual 3D project to get a better idea of how we work with residential spaces and what we prioritise in their designs. As professionals, we see the possibilities that four white walls bring to the table. It is our job to share the vision with you and get you excited about the transformation.

BTO Design Planned Just for You

When walking into a brand new BTO flat, most people see an empty space. We see warmth, harmony and opportunities that will facilitate hundreds of exciting family experiences through the years. Every single residential space has amazing strengths and these can be extracted from the structure through the implementation of the right interior design.

Ang Mo Kio Court is a beautiful residential project in a beautiful part of Singapore. As such, it gets us excited about making interior design and renovation plans that will enhance green, modern and comfortable living.

At the same time, we understand the different ideas home owners have for their new flat.

We always work hard to incorporate such visions into the final project, giving the interior design some much-needed character.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligations free first consultation. Based on your lifestyle and the idea you have in mind, we will put together a HomeAlive 360-Degree Design interactive tour to show you just how amazing your new home can become. It is up to you to determine if you’re going to pick the Home Guide team for the execution of the project later on.

Also, please check out our home renovation portfolio to acquaint yourself with our style and the distinctive types of projects we’ve worked on through the years. And don’t worry about the price! We have put together a range of special BTO promo packages to help you make your new home spectacular without going over budget.

Contact us today to get started or ask us a question. We’d be thrilled to become a part of your new home journey.

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