Home Interior Color Palettes That Are Trending Right Now!

Home Interior Color Palettes That Are Trending Right Now!

Every year, we see a different crop of colour schemes popping up to replace the overused, overwrought and over-hyped colour palettes that came the year before. People love to experience diversity – whether it is of colour or, by extension, their material articulations – and each year, we turn a new page to determine which colours have evolved to suit our tastes. Let us look at 5 home interior colour palettes that are making a splash right now!

Minion Yellow

Home Interior Trending Colour - Minion Yellow

Despicable Me was a huge phenomenon with two successful sequels to boot, and every single movie in this franchise featured the loveable Minions. They might have been an epic feat of fantasy, but the colour of those characters has definitely left a mark on the world. Designers all over the world have embraced the playful, vibrant hue of the Minion Yellow colour scheme and the interior design industry has experienced a huge influx of exuberant yellow homes, good or bad, this colour is definitely something kids will love! Of course the visual impact of this colour is extremely direct and instant, so it is recommended that you use it in balance with other contrasting hues.

Fifty Shades of Lavender

Home Interior Trending Colours - Lavenderf

Millenial Pink was one of the top trending colours of 2017, but it has now morphed into the delicate aesthetics of Lavender and its accompanying hues. It’s an extremely elegant colour that emphasizes the ‘delicacy’ of an aesthetic. Many HDB interior designs are now being done in this particular shade in order to evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance.

It’s a light shade that requires a little bit of finesse to incorporate into new spaces. Its accompanying colour palette is also very limited – only shades lighter than lavender can truly make it stand out on its own.

The New-Neutral Metallics

Neutral Metallic

The neutral colour palette of the past year has now evolved into a more retro metallic scheme. Gone are the days of oak browns and beige – if you’re going for neutral in 2018, you should definitely choose metallic tints to bring out the best in your home interior. These consist of burnished copper, brushed brass, silvery chrome and even small amounts of gold trimming. Of course you have to use them in moderation, or your space may end up looking overwhelmingly harsh and stark.


Home Interior Trending Colours - Technicolor

Apparently, 2018 is going to see a huge uprise in retro Technicolour. These include bright, vivid and even neon pallets that combine together to feature a very graphic-art style effect. The colour you may find in this category are orange, electric blue, hot pink, lime green and more. It’s not an understated or subtle colour palette, and you should only cover a small part of your home in this particular scheme.

Warm & Cool

Home Interior Trending Colours - Warm and Cool

Lastly, the summer-winter combination is another one that has gained some recognition these days. The blend of inherently warm and cool colours is an attractive one and is definitely an idea that our interior design company has been cleverly interpreting into our work. If you’re intrigued by this concept, then here’s a fun pointer; all you have to do is come up with a one cool and one warm colour to get the right vibe. They should be contrasting yet complementary enough to make the space seem whimsical, and not disconcerting.

Home Guide has always kept up with the changing trends in the industry. Our extensive two decade experience in the field allows us to manage all aspects of residential renovations skilfully without ever compromising the aesthetics.

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