Home Interior Design 101

Home Interior Design 101

The layman’s terms of interior design can be quite challenging to put in articulate words. It is a vast genre, and you can squash so much into a small crash course. However, there are some design principles that everyone should be aware of, especially if you’re thinking about undertaking an interior design venture of your own.

Singapore is a country where home interior designing has become quite a qualitative market. Everyone wants a home that looks the epitome of stylish, but every few people take those first baby steps that will get them in the right direction. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you even reach out to a consultant. So here are 5 design basics you should study up on before going for full-scale renovation.

Give Function Priority
home interior design functional layout

It may seem like the looks and overall aesthetic are the most important part of your home interior design, but do not underestimate the importance of actual function. Yes, the overall style is important, but that does not mean that you get to overlook the function. So always pay special attention to the layout of your interior design. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of things that look really pretty, but are functionally redundant. A good example of this would be when you overestimate the amount of space you’ll need for the living area, and end up with a tiny, inefficient kitchen space instead.

Educate Yourself In The Basic Principles Of Design
home decor interior design

The basic principles of design are basically like the ten commandments of interior design. They include:

  • Balance: This is when all of your spaces and designs look absolutely equilateral and every asymmetric object is counterbalanced.
  • Symmetry: This is the easiest one; you just have to create a regular visual pattern in the space in order to invoke symmetry.
  • Colour: Colour schemes are always the most important part. However, you cannot go forward with a single colour for your entire interior. Similarly, you cannot go forward with too many colours at once either. Try to create contrast and use may two or three colours at once only.
  • Harmony: Harmony is when your overall interior design looks absolutely holistic. Every element complements the other.
  • Rhythm: rhythm engages your eye within the space and keeps things interesting. It can be done with a clever arrangement of photo frames, patterned wall paper and even ceiling designs.

Each time something looks off about your space, it means that one of these basic principles have been overlooked. So train you eye to see past the obvious and look underneath. The details will be your guide.

The Style
home interior decor design style

Considering the style and theme of your home interior design is an absolute must when you’re looking to renovate. You cannot simply collect a number of varying ideas from Instagram or Pinterest and choose what stands out best. There always has to be a logic to the madness. There are a lot of interior design styles you’ll be able to look up on the internet. You’ll have to choose one and then stick to it. You cannot put cottage style wooden beams in the middle of a sleek modern interior just because they looked stunning individually.

The Lighting
home interior design luxury bathroom lighting

Lighting is basically what makes or breaks the ambiance and atmosphere of your home interior design. Many people overlook the importance of a good lighting plan when they take on an interior design venture. However, you should always pay special consideration to good lighting. Otherwise, you can end up with a stunning interior design that gets lost in interpretation because of bad lighting choices.

home decor colourful personality

Your home interior design should always be a reflection of your personality, otherwise you will never feel comfortable. You should think about how you can add some personal touches to the space when it would be done. You can do it by using accessories, photo frames and even artwork. Visualizing the end product can always help you get ahead in the game, after all.

There are a lot of things that should be considered before you reach out to your consultant, and this was the basic gist of it. We hope it helps you understand the initial process of a successful interior design on the client’s part.

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