Home Interior Design Ideas: Let Your Home Tell Your Travel Story

Home Interior Design Ideas: Let Your Home Tell Your Travel Story

Can you easily envision the impressive height of the Eiffel tower, the regal silhouette of Vienna or the massiveness of New York’s skyscrapers? If so, you’re a definite travel junkie. You live and breathe adventure, you love discovering new places and cultures. Chances are that you’d want to be reminded of these experiences when you’re home.

The task can be accomplished easily by bringing a travel theme to your home’s interior.

Travel-inspired interior design is more than just featuring souvenirs from your trips on a shelf in the living room. You can weave a comprehensive idea or pattern throughout your home, making the place feel just like a favourite destination. Here are a few ideas to help you execute that vision.

Make Your Travel Photos the Star of the Show

If you’re both into travel and photography, you can combine the two passions to make your home’s interior unique.

A gallery wall dedicated to your travel pictures in the living room is a great choice. You can go for framed pictures or something a bit more casual. Using thumbtacks to stick pictures on a map of the world, for example, would be a great way to celebrate your trips.

Travel photos can be featured in many other parts of the flat.

Use the hallway to create a chronological representation of your journeys.

Have some stylish black and white photos in the bedroom. These can add a lot of sophistication to the space. Alternatively, feature the pictures that you’re most emotionally-connected to. A bedroom is a really intimate space, which is why you may want to select photographs that carry a lot of meaning.

Bring the Essence of the Country to Your Home

Apart from featuring small details like photos and accessories, you can infuse the interior design of your home with the essence of the country or region.

It’s easy to bring Indonesian, Japanese, Scandinavian or Mediterranean interior design styles, cultural elements or influences inside your living space. And these are just three examples.

Each country is known for a particular style, building materials, textiles and even colour schemes.  You’ve probably paid attention to such details during your trip. Use these details to bring a destination you cherish to your Singaporean flat. Luckily, the home decor market features a wide array of furniture and décor styles. You’ll easily find the pieces that you need. Even if you can’t, these will be fairly easy to order and have custom-made for you.

Authenticity is Key

The key to making travel-inspired interior design work is authenticity.

You don’t want cheesy pieces of furniture or decor that are mass-manufactured to represent an idea of a certain country. These knock-off pieces, however, are only going to make your home look like the typical souvenir shop. Needless to say, you don’t want that.

Instead, focus on a few high quality, authentic accent pieces.

If you’ve brought such home with you from your trips, you’ll enjoy definite authenticity. And even if you haven’t, genuine markets as well as higher-end furniture  or decor stores that focus on a region can be found. Look online, work with local craftsmen or even check out a vintage furniture store. By doing so, you’ll probably come across some hidden gems worthy of your attention and your money.

Choose a Travel Element Other Than a Country

Travelling abroad is just optional if you want to have a travel-inspired home.

Instead of picking a country as your inspiration, you can choose another kind of destination.

A home’s interior design can be inspired by the mountains, the beach, a lush forest or a rustic desert. Chances are that you can visualise those places effortlessly. To bring them home, you’ll need the right colour scheme and materials. Some plants and a few pieces of art will tie the entire concept together.

Just like in the case of a country-inspired interior design, you don’t have to stick to just one idea for the entire home. Each room can be dedicated to a different place, giving you some variety and a chance to experience different moods through the ambiance. Such an endeavor, however, will require a good eye, great taste, astute planning and strategic restraint. Qualities that a trusted home interior design company like Home Guide has.

Focus on an Activity

A final idea would be to focus on an activity related to your trips.

Yoga and meditation, spa and balneological procedures, bird watching, mountain climbing, kayaking, scuba diving – these are all activities people get to enjoy while travelling.

You can either dedicate a part of the flat to one of those activities – photos of you and your family performing those activities, featuring gear as a décor like hanging up a beautiful ski board.

As you can see, there are so many fun ways to approach the travel theme.

When choosing one, make it personal. Otherwise, the décor is going to lack depth and soul. Don’t opt for something just because it’s trendy and exciting right now. You should stick to an idea you’ll enjoy as much in five years as you are loving today.

If you’d like  professional assistance, you should definitely let us know. At Home Guide, we enjoy all of the beauty and authentic charm that different cultures bring to the table. Contact us and we’ll embark on a transformative journey for your home renovation in Singapore together. The end result will be a reflection of your experiences, memories and passions.

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